Random Act Of Kindness

Contributed By Kim

Earlier today a random stranger came by my bedside and made small talk with me. He noticed I didn’t have many visitors and he was kind enough to inquire and keep me company for the afternoon. It was rather unexpected but appreciated nonetheless. I’m not sure if this would fit your description of “kindness” since small talk can be interpreted in many other ways but I suppose anything to break the mundane routine of the hospital is a little bit of “excitement” for me.

( Thanks for sharing Kim…*Bear Hugs*) 

DVD Weekend Playlist

  • Heartbreakers – Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ray Liotta, Jason Lee, Jeffrey Jones, Gene Hackman, Nora Dunn, and Anne Bancroft. Plot Outline -A mother and daughter con team seduce and scam wealthy men.A mother and daughter con team seduce and scam wealthy men. Hmmm….Entertaining.
  • Keeping Up With The Steins – Starring Jeremy Piven, Jami Gertz, Garry Marshall, Doris Roberts, Darly Hannah, Larry Miller, Darly Sabara. Plot Outline-Story of a 13-year-old boy who uses his upcoming bar mitzvah to reconcile the strained relationship between his father and grandfather. In my opinion Jeremy Piven is an underrated actor/comedian. Great entertainment for the whole family.
  • Catch & Release – Starring Jennifer Garner,Timothy Olyphant,Sam Jaeger, Juliette Lewis. Plot Outline – A woman struggles to accept the death of her fiancé and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life. A bit slow moving, but otherwise a good storyline. Perhaps it comes across more of a made for television movie.
  • Smoking Aces – Star studded casts starring Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, Ben Affleck, Peter Berg, Ryan Reynolds,Joseph Rushkin, Alicia Keys. Plot Outline – When a Las Vegas performer-turned-snitch named Buddy Israel (Piven) decides to turn state’s evidence and testify against the mob, it seems that a whole lot of people would like to make sure he’s no longer breathing. To me this story has just as many holes as those created by the number of bullets. And it makes the FBI look like a bunch of fools. The stars too were not given enough room in the story to show just how great they really are. Only Jeremy Piven had it and did a great job.
  • The Nativity Story – Starring Keisha Castle-Hughes, Oscar Isaac, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Alexander Siddig. Plot Outline – A drama that focuses on the period in Mary and Joseph’s life where they journeyed to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. I think the film gives depth to the story. In which it portrays the feelings, initial uncertainty and the challenges in which Mary and Joseph had to face during that period.
  • The Importance Of Being Earnest – Starring Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Reese Witherspoon, Judi Dench, Frances O’connor. Plot Outline – Two young gentlemen (Rupert Everett & Colin Firth) living in 1890s England use the same pseudonym (“Ernest”) on the sly, which is fine until they both fall in love with women using that name, which leads to a comedy of mistaken identities.  I must say Reese is a very versatile actress and Judi Dench plays her role to perfection.  Colin and Rupert are a great pair and if you are a fan of British humour this one is not too shabby and has a unique storyline to go with it.
  • Four Brothers – Starring Mark Wahlberg,Tyrese Gibson,Andre Benjamin, Terence Howard,Garrett Hedlund, Josh Charles. Plot outline – Four brothers look to avenge their mother’s death. Some movies are just worth watching twice and this is one of them!


“How often have you sailed in my dreams. And now you come in my awakening, which is my deeper dream. ”  The Prophet

Paul Gauguin - The Little Dreamer, 1881

Have you dreamt of someone whom you’ve not met in a while? And you awoke feeling warm and wonderful, because you manage to catch up a little and parted with a nice hug? Then in that very morning you bump into him/her on the train or  the coffee shop! Coincidence or a prophetic dream? Such ‘prophetic’ dreams are a rare occurence, but when it does occur or when the the dream becomes a reality.  You are guaranteed a whopper of mixed emotions usually leaning towards the positive.

I very much like lucid dreams, they are the ones I rely on to make big and somewhat difficult decisions.  Often I get to go through the various scenarios in such a dream before committing to any one course of action.  These dreams encompass just about anything, from asking for a raise, practising for a speech, overcome phobias, writer’s block, going on a first date or improving a sports game.  In our dream state we have conditioned our neuronal patterns hence in reality we are already more prepared.

Creative Dreams are another form for me, in which I am able to write stories, poetry etc. some are so Epic-like that I awake with some sort of profound discovery either about myself, others or even the environment.  Again these ones are rare, but they are life changing or even lasting ones that stay with you throughout the years.

Dreaming about the death of oneself or loved ones are not uncommon.  I  do not see such dreams as self fullfilling prophecies.  I view them as a reminder to appreciate the people in these dreams, stay in touch, to forgive or to seek forgiveness.  Dreaming of my own death could be a transitional phase of my life or it could just be an escape from the trials of life.  An indicator for me to start taking a break. 

Our bodies I believe, have ways of communicating to us in dreams. That is even before phyiscal syptoms occur, we might awake the next morning with an urge to see a doctor or dentist.  Such dreams help us avoid potential health problems and perhaps even help us to heal when we are ill.

Everybody dreams, whether you remember or not you do! So sleep tight and pleasant dreams!

Amigos Para Siempre

Sarah Brightman & Jose Carreras

(Friends for life)
I don’t have to say A word to you
You seem to know Whatever mood
I’m going through Feels as though
I’ve known you forever

You Can look into my eyes and see
The way I feel And howThe world is treating me
Maybe I have known you forever

Amigos para siempre
Means you’ll always be my friend
Amics per sempre
Means a love that cannot end
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre

I feel you near me Even when we are apart
Just knowing you are in this world Can warm my heart
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre

We share memories I won’t forget
And we’ll share more, My friend,
We haven’t started yet Something happens When we’re together

When I look at you I wonder why
There has to come A time when we must say goodbye
I’m alive when we are together

Amigos para siempre
Means you’ll always be my friend
Amics per sempre Means a love that cannot end
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre

I feel you near me Even when we are apart
Just knowing you are in this world Can warm my heart
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre

When I look at you I wonder why
There has to come A time when we must say goodbye

I’m alive when we are together

Amigos para siempre Means you’ll always be my friend
Amics per sempre Means a love that cannot end
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre

I feel you near me Even when we are apart
Just knowing you are in this world Can warm my heart
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre

Amigos para siempre Means you’ll always be my friend
Amics per sempre Means a love that cannot end
Friends for life Not just a summer or a spring
Amigos para siempre
Amigos para siempre

WD-40 & Autosol

Hey I wonder how many of you had received the Email ‘Uses For WD-40′ ? I have been using it for a number of years but never realised what the name stood for or that it had other uses other than lubricating machinery and tools. The email contained an impressive list of 43 uses however not all are recommended by the company. I will be listing only those which were checked with the company and recommended. Not to say that all the other listed ones wouldn’t work, it just may or may not work effectively nor can it be recommended by them.

Here’s a little WD-40 History first…

In 1953, a fledgling company called Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of three set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry, in a small lab in San Diego, California.

It took them 40 attempts to get the water displacing formula worked out. But they must have been really good, because the original secret formula for WD-40—which stands for Water Displacement perfected on the 40th try—is still in use today.

Convair, an aerospace contractor, first used WD-40 to protect the outer skin of the Atlas Missile from rust and corrosion. The product actually worked so well that several employees snuck some WD-40 cans out of the plant to use at home.

A few years following WD-40’s first industrial use, Rocket Chemical Company founder Norm Larsen experimented with putting WD-40 into aerosol cans, reasoning that consumers might find a use for the product at home as some of the employees had. The product made its first appearance on store shelves in San Diego in 1958.

In 1961 the first full truckload order for WD-40 was filled when employees came in on a Saturday to produce additional concentrate to meet the disaster needs of the victims of hurricane Carla along the U.S. Gulf coast. WD-40 was used to recondition flood and rain damaged vehicles and equipment.

Over the years, thousands of WD-40 users have written testimonial letters to the company sharing their often unique, if sometimes just plain weird, uses for the product—many of which are shared in other parts of this Web site. Some of the most interesting stories include the bus driver in Asia who used WD-40 to remove a python snake which had coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus. Or when police officers used WD-40 to remove a naked burglar trapped in an air conditioning vent.

Here are the uses:-

1) Protects silver from tarnishing.
2) Removes road tar and grime from cars.
3) Loosens stubborn zippers.
4) Keeps ceramic/terra cotta garden pots from oxidizing.
5) Keeps scissors working smoothly.
6) Lubricates noisy door hinges on vehicles and doors in homes
7) It removes black scuff marks from the kitchen floor! Use WD-40 for those nasty tar and scuff marks flooring. It doesn’t seem to harm the finish and you won’t have to scrub nearly as hard to get them off. Just remember to open some windows if you have a lot of marks.
8.) Bug guts will eat away the finish on your car if not removed quickly! Use WD-40!
9) Lubricates gear shift and mower deck lever for ease of handling on riding mowers.
10)Rids kids rocking chairs and swings of squeaky noises.
11)Lubricates tracks in sticking home windows and makes them easier to open.
12)Spraying an umbrella stem makes it easier to open and close.
13)Restores and cleans padded leather dashboards in vehicles, as well as vinyl bumpers.
14)Restores and clean s roof racks on vehicles.
15)Lubricates and stops squeaks in electric fans.
16)Lubricates wheel sprockets on tricycles, wagons, and bicycles for easy handling.
17)Lubricates fan belts on washers and dryers and keeps them running smoothly.
18)Keeps rust from forming on saws and saw blades, and other tools.
19)Lubricates prosthetic limbs.
20)Keeps pigeons off the balcony (they hate the smell).
21)Removes all traces of duct tape.
22)Florida’s favorite use is: ‘cleans and removes love bugs from grills and bumpers.’
23)If you sprayed WD-40 on the distributor cap, it would displace the moisture and allow the car to start.

In 1929 Otto Durst invented Autosol metal polish, now used throughout the world. Many years later the original classic metal polish achieved gold medal status from Mondiale Selection, an independent product testing panel in Europe, for its ability not only to shine metals to a high gloss but also to protect them from corrosion and oxidation. Since then Autosol has become one of the most widely used and respected metal polishes in the world.

Autosol was created to polish all metals. Strong enough to remove stubborn rust stains, yet gentle enough to use on even highly polished metal pieces, it also contains inhibitors for superior protection from the environmental factors that cause tarnishing and corrosion.

Well a great tip shared by a friend at Sony is that it is used by the technicians and dealers to remove the oxidized build up on the jack contacts such as earphone, speaker connections, basically any electrical metal connectors. It even improves sound quality as a result.


Musical Egg Hunt

Can you find 4 musical eggs on this blog? Well if you can find 0ne, you’ll find the other two but the elusive fourth?*Winks*This is just for fun, so no prizes except that you get to hear the songs. Songs of the three easily found ones will be changed from time to time.

So happy hunting!

Giggly Google

 Original Beta Header

Various Google Search pages

Google Elmer Fudd
Google l33t
Google Loco
Google Klingon
Google Pig Latin
Google Mirror
Google X
Google Sveedish Bork
Cute… BSD, Linux, Easter Eggs


Go to google.com and type ‘asshole’ and press I’m feeling lucky

Try an “I’m feeling lucky” search for ‘French military victories’.

Why Some People Drink Alcohol But Don’t Get Fat

By Tom Venuto

Well, here’s the real story of why some people don’t get fat when they drink:

A lot of the confusion is because epidemiological research cannot show cause and effect relationships and mistakes are easily made in drawing associations based on limited data.

With the nature of these longitudinal studies, you have to look at the lifestyle and nature of drinkers in general (or in this study, hard liquor drinkers). Also, the Swedish study focused on older men, so age may have been a factor. You may be more likely to deposit alcohol right on your belly as you get older.

When you hear that alcohol increases belly fat, you also have to look at what else is going on in the life of the drinker, particularly what the rest of a person’s diet looks like, and how alcohol intake affects appetite and eating habits.

Research says that alcohol can mess up your body’s perception of hunger, satiety and fullness. If drinking stimulates additional eating, or adds additional calories that aren’t compensated for and which lead to positive energy balance, then you get fat. You may also get fat in the belly, no thanks to what booze does to hormones.

Another thing that confounds the reports on whether alcohol contributes to weight gain is the fact that the game changes in heavy drinkers. We know that alcohol contains 7.1 calories per gram and these calories always count as part of the energy balance equation… or do they? With chronic excessive alcohol consumption, it’s possible that not all of these calories are available for energy. Due to changes in liver function and something called the microsomal ethanol oxidizing system (MEOS), alcoholism may be a real case of where some calories don’t count. Many alcoholics also skip meals and eat less with increasing alcohol consumption.

Alcohol metabolizing pathways notwithstanding, even if binge drinkers, daily drinkers or heavy drinkers consume most of their calories from alcohol, if they eat very little, and remain in a calorie deficit, they will not get fat. Compound this with the hormonal effects and you witness the skinny, but under-nourished, unhealthy and atrophied alcoholic (even though the heavy drinkers are the ones you’d think most likely to have a beer belly).

It’s the calories that count

The bottom line is, the idea that alcohol just automatically turns into fat or gives you a beer belly is mistaken. It’s true that alcohol suppresses fat oxidation, but mainly, alcohol adds calories into your diet, messes with your hormones and can stimulate appetite, leading to even more calories consumed. That’s where the fat gain comes from.

If you drink in moderation, if you’re aware of the calories in the alcohol and the calories from additional food intake consumed during or after drinking, and if you compensate accordingly, you won’t get fat.

If a light bulb just went off in your head and you’re saying to yourself, “You mean I can drink and still lose fat? I just need to keep in a calorie deficit?”

Yes, that’s what I mean, but just hold that thought for a minute while you consider that the empty alcohol calories displace the nutrient dense calories:

When you’re on a fat loss program you have a fairly small “calorie budget”, so you need to give some careful thought to how those calories should be “spent.” For example, if a female is on a 1500 calorie per day diet, does she really want to “spend” 500 of those calories – one third of her intake – for a few alcoholic drinks, and leave only 1000 for health-promoting food, fiber and lean muscle building protein?

I realize some people may answer “yes” to that question, but then again, if some people spent their money as frivolously as they spent their calories, they would be in deep trouble!

To summarize this into some practical, take-home advice, here are 7 of my personal tips for alcohol consumption in the fitness lifestyle:

(1) Don’t drink on a fat loss program. Although you could certainly drink and “get away with it” if you diligently maintained your calorie deficit as noted above, it certainly does not help your fat loss cause or your nutritional status.

(2) Drink in moderation during maintenance. For lifelong weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle, if you drink, do so in moderation and only occasionally, such as on weekends or when you go out to dine in restaurants. Binge drinking and getting drunk has no place in a fitness lifestyle (not to mention hangovers aren’t very conducive to good workouts).

(3) Don’t drink daily. Moderate drinking, including daily drinking, has been associated with cardiovascular health benefits. However, I don’t recommend daily drinking because behaviors repeated daily become habits. Behaviors repeated multiple times daily become strong habits. Habitual drinking may lead to heavier drinking or full-blown addictions and can be hard to stop if you ever need to cut back.

(4) Count the calories. If you decide to have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine or two (or whatever moderation is for you), be sure to account for the alcohol in your daily calorie budget.

(5) Watch your appetite. Don’t let the “munchies” get control of you during or after you drink (Note to chicken wing and nacho-eating men: The correlation to alcohol and body fat is higher in men in almost all the studies. One possible explanation is that men tend to drink and eat, while women may tend to drink instead of eating).

(6) Watch the fatty foods. When drinking, watch the fatty foods in particular. A study by Angelo Tremblay back in 1995 suggested that alcohol and a high fat diet are a combination that favors overfeeding.

(7) Enjoy without guilt. If you choose to drink (moderately and sensibly), then don’t feel guilty about it or beat yourself up afterwards, just enjoy the damn stuff, will you!

Full article

DVD Weekend Playlist

  • Shooter – Starring Mark Wahlberg, Danny Glover, Michael Pena. Surprised there was not much fanfare here when this was released, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kept my adrenaline pumping, and funny how it seems to be received differently by many.
  • Jannemann -(Hindi) Starring Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Preity Zinta . You know there are some shows when you are not sure whether to laugh or cry…this is one of them! I mean if you can get through the first hour of the film where they try to be funny but fail miserably then it is actually not too bad. As the love story part of it unfolds, it gets better. Overall I would say….worth watching at least once.
  • HollywoodLand – Starring Adrien Brody, Ben Affleck, Diane Lane & Bob Hoskins. The story is basically about the unresolved mystery behind the ‘suicide’ of the TV’s first Superman George Reeves. Great acting performances by the cast…..
  • Snakes On A Plane – Starring Samuel L.Jackson, Julianna Margulies,Nathan Phillps, Rachel Blanchard. Plot outline – An FBI agent takes on a plane full of deadly and poisonous snakes, deliberately released to kill a witness being flown from Honolulu to Los Angeles to testify against a mob boss. Apart from the steamy scene in the plane toilet, I can’t say I enjoyed the movie. B grade at best….
  • Bridge To Terabithia – Plot Outline-A 5th grade boy named Jesse Aaron trains to beat all the boys at his school at the relay races. He is beat only by the spirited new girl, Leslie Burke who joined into the race. After a while, they develop a friendship, and they invent a magical place called Terabithia and they dub themselves the King and Queen.  Loved the way the power of children’s imagination is depicted just wish it had a happier ending though.
  • Bordertown- Starring Jennifer Lopez, Martin Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Maya Zapata. Plot Outline – A journalist (Lopez) investigates a series of murders near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso. Just imagine living in that sort of conditions. Whereby ‘circumstances’ have forced you to work in a factory with bare minimum wage, long hours and as a woman living in constant fear of being raped and murdered either on your way home or back from work. The story is inspired by true events……

Little Acts Of Kindness Or Gestures

We often feel as though we live in a cold, cynical world where survival is everything. And there are quite a number of people that quite often or only see others as rude, selfish, self centred,calculative and uncaring. From their waking moment, it’s a battlefield! Finding fault is the ‘Breakfast’ of the day. ‘Land mines’ are everywhere waiting to be stepped on. Before they even arrive at the office, they are already anticipating confrontations and this goes on for the rest of the day. What bitter lives they lead eh?

I am a firm believer of “You Reap What You Sow” and “Treat others as you want to be treated” and that kindness begets kindness. This doesn’t mean that I have no quarrel with anyone, I sometimes do…..rarely but when I do…I DO! hee hee And all this wise and good behaviour goes out the window…even if it’s momentarily.

Okay back the to the subject proper…..I’ve decided that I would like to list down all the little kindnesses or gestures that I have witnessed or encountered. It is in these little acts that makes life great for one and all! Like Mother Theresa once said “Not everyone can do great things, but all of us can do little things with great love.”

Yesterday while on the MRT Train ride home, I saw a man in his late forties with a weary look and a heavy backpack standing next to me. When someone got off, I expected him to rush for the seat. Instead he walked a few steps down to tap the shoulder of a pregnant lady and invited her to have the seat. She was very grateful…..

Then this morning on my way to work, as I was walking pass a void deck driveway to get to the main road, I heard a loud honk that startled me. You see I looked left before crossing, but as I turned to look right this cab must have sped up round the bend and was trying to warn me that he was nearing me on my left. I was a little annoyed but when I looked through the windshield I saw the passenger, an elderly Malay man wearing a songkok giving me a warm smile. He also held up his hand, elbow bent with palm faced out just above his forehead in an apologetic gesture. Well all I can say that it calmed me down straightaway and put a smile on my face.

If you would like to share your similar experiences, I will gladly post it on my blog. Just email me at xxxfly AT gmail dot com.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

This is one hilarious movie, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. If you haven’t watched it….GO NOW! Erm….but you have to be at least 18 to watch it here as it’s rated M18 in Singapore.

Stars include Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Dan Aykroyd, Ving Rhames, Richard Chamberlain, guest appearance by Rob Schneider and a super hot…babelicious Jessica Biel.


By the way have you noticed how Rob Schneider appears in most of Adam Sandler’s Films and vice-versa?

Iron Man 2008

Hmmm I wonder if all the comic book characters from Marvel & DC, of whom I used to read about in my childhood are going to appear in the movies. I was already surprised when DareDevil & Ghost Rider was shown and now Iron Man? What about the Humanfly?

Let’s try and recap what we’ve seen so far…..

  • Superman ( II, III & IV, Returns)
  • Batman, Returns, Forever, & Robin, Begins
  • Hulk (2003), The Incredible Hulk 2008 played by Edward Norton Coming
  • Spiderman ( 2 & 3 )
  • DareDevil
  • Fantastic Four ( Rise of the Silver Surfer)
  • Ghost Rider
  • The Punisher
  • The Phantom
  • Blade ( 2, Trinity)
  • Aeon Flux
  • Cat Woman
  • Constantine
  • Hell Boy
  • Elektra
  • Judge Dredd
  • X Men ( inc. the last stand)
  • Transformers
  • TMNT
  • Swamp Thing
  • Spawn
  • Sin City
  • Indiana Jones

Did I miss anything out?

Right…..now back to Iron Man 2008 which has a star studded cast, Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Hilary Swank, Samuel L Jackson, Terence Howard

Plot Outline :- When Tony Stark is forced to create a life support suit to keep him alive after an accident he decides to use the technology in his suit to fight crime. More…

And if you haven’t already guessed or known………the IRON MAN will be played by…….

Click On Iron Man Pic For Trailer


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