Amusing Sms Convo With A Mate

Moi : Hey I just heard and I know it’s a little late but Congratulations on the birth of your second child! Mate!

Mate : Thanks mate! Very Siong (tough) Man! After all these years…I kinda lost touch!

Moi : Ha ha! It’s like riding a bike mate! You never forget…but with age it gets a little harder to peddle.

Mate : Ya Man! Will arrange gathering of sorts soon ok?

Moi : sure thing….in the meantime Take care! Cheers!

Just A Wild Thought….


  • for every spam received and clicked on, $1 USD is contributed by the spammers to feed the hungry children of the world.
  • Or a can of SPAM is sent to feed the poor.
  • For every spam sent, ten is sent back to the sender.
  • Companies who engage the services of spammers gets heavily fined till they are bankrupt!

New Phishing Attack

In previous cases, phishing employed scare tactics indicating that you have problem or problems with your online account.
The new phishing mail is now going after the greed of unsuspecting recipients with a reward ($250) for their participation on the completion of an online survey.


*Note* The url usually has a numeric IP address before the bank’s text url.

The Lil’ Photographers

Gave the free gift from National Geographic to the kids to have fun…..

Pics taken with mobile Phone LG KF700

The Lil’ Islanders

Pics taken with mobile Phone LG KF700

Movies – Wanted 2008

 Starring: James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Kretschmann, Common

This movie is as far fetched as it gets but the special effects and action is spectacular.  Comedic as James McAvoy’s role is in the beginning, he shows his true mettle when his character evolves later.  Angelina Jolie was amazing as ever!

The only gripe I have with this movie is that it is rated NC16 here when it is rated R in the US, and so the cuts were pretty dang obvious.  Also the shorts shows us a scene when ‘Wesley asks Fox whether they would bond now, and she replies ,”Do you want to?”  That whole scene was cut from the movie!!!! Arrgh!!  I’ll just have to wait for the Code 1 DVD to be released I guess!!

Wow Experience At A Corporate Road Show

I’ve been a Singtel subscriber for more than ten years now and have been rather contented with their service.  But at a recent corporate road show I attended, I must say I was pretty impressed with how they went about reaching out to existing as well as potential mobile customers.  They had six models available from different brands which incl. Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and LG for $0 if you renewed or signed up for any two year plan.  And if you somehow didn’t qualify they had offers for handsets at $300 off.  I qualified and so got the LG KF700 set which retails for $788 for $0

Now comes the little ‘extra’ bits…..All who attended were given a box of two freshly prepared donuts and two $2 dollar vouchers for food purchases at ‘Lau Pa Sat Festival Market’  I even qualified for a lucky dip, and got a mini set of highlighters in a tiny bottle container but the lucky chap before me got $300 Robinson’s Shopping Vouchers Sheesh!  And he didn’t even come out with a cent!

wasn’t that great?!

Just hope I can still get hold of the Iphone at a special price when it comes out here!


*Extra*27 June*  I love the phone and almost all the features available.  In fact I think the packaging was nice and compact, in a sturdy and sleek black box.  My only frustration with it so far is that the PC Sync Suite Software that it came with is in a non-standard sized Cd-Rom(mini) which I cannot access using my laptop or desktop in the office.  As for certain touchscreen functions etc. I think ladies with their slender and nimble fingers are at an advantage for selecting what they want with greater ease.

Movie – Get Smart 2008






 Starring: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp

Now this comedy is one that I enjoyed! They don’t go all out just to try and be funny like the recent slapstick I watched and cringed.  It was enjoyable because it was heartfelt and simple and they were not condescending to the viewers. I liked it a whole lot more than “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan!”

A Little D.I.Y. For The Kitchen

I wanted something better than what we already had in which the grocery shopping bags we accumulate can be easily used to throw away our refuse. What we initially had were just clips to hang the bags from their handles, which can get a little messy when you’re actually trying to discard…. say scraps of food from your plate.

This is the before pic.

And this is what I finally got……

Brand Name : SimpleHuman

Cabinet Mount Trash System

Notice how the average bag is spread nicely over the handles at the side

And has a nice black cover to hide the nasties! Oh and the bag rests over

a spill guard tray which can easily be cleaned.

Below and at the sides are slots to store the unused bags

which you can pull out from the front.

YES I know most would rather install it inside the cabinet, but I don’t like the idea that the stench from some refuse could stay within the confined area. Though you can’t tell from the pics, the installation is done right in front of our kitchen sink.

Price $59.90 SGD available from Homefix Stores. ( And I’m not advertising for them….just thought I’d share this novel idea.)

Dinner At Cineleisure Food Court

Had a quick bite at the Food court before the movie ‘don’t mess with the zohan’, somewhere in the western food section I got myself a lamb and spagetthi set which came with a mushroom soup. Reasonably priced, just average tasting but a large enough portion.

Severe Migraine Attack


I believe this morning at approx 0415hrs I suffered the most vicious and severe migraine attack ever in my life!  And it lasted almost three whole hours! Arrrgh!  I had cold sweat throughout and the throbbing got so bad I even vomitted.  Even the act of peeing amplified the throbbing! Not an experience I want to remember but since because both Panadol extra and Panadol Actifast didn’t help for the first time as well, I wanted some sort of record on what actually would help if I ever encounter this sort of pain again.  After managing breakfast, I made my way to the clinic and was prescribed Caffox (ergotamine 1mg, 100mg caffeine) and Naproxen (naproxen sodium 275mg)  Feeling much better in the afternoon I took anarex (Orphenadrine Citrate 35mg, Paracetamol BP 450mg) and went to sleep.  Although I am not prone to regular migraine attacks, this was certainly one hellish experience like no other.

Anyhow I am all better now…..cheers!


Movie – You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

 Starring: Adam Sandler, John Turturro, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nick Swardson, Lainie Kazan

Let’s see now….. if you like slapsticks, funny, zany, hilarious, offensive, politically incorrect, gagging, stoopid, sexist, movies all rolled up in one comedy then this is it!  Yes I laughed, but at the same time I cringed! Well it was an experience I tell ya….not one I’d like to repeat.  Okay let me only deal with the positives that I saw…..Adam Sandler looks buff and good in this one, Emmanuelle Chriqui is gorgeous and there were a few laughs for me so yeah!  Sheesh! I am at a loss for words for this one…..


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