MPS Gathering Feb 2010

This time around the organiser Frida managed to bring a whole big bunch of us guys and gals together, for our reunion at Sakura Admiralty Park.  It was amazing being able catch us after 30++ years and seeing so many familiar, though a little aged faces! :lol:

Frida even got us all a memento for the evening! Thank you so much Frida! You’re an incredible organiser!

MPS Gathering Feb 2010 011


MPS Gathering Feb 2010 004

MPS Gathering Feb 2010 006

MPS Gathering Feb 2010 001


MPS Gathering Feb 2010 002


MPS Gathering Feb 2010 003

MPS Gathering Feb 2010 007



MPS Gathering Feb 2010 005

MPS Gathering Feb 2010 012

The Organiser and me..


Front of the memento


Back of the memento


WORDPRESS Still Rules!  There are alot more controls and stuff in place.  Moreover the guys are constantly updating the site with upgrades and new stuff all the time.

Tumblr on the other hand makes it very simple to blog quotes, chat items etc.  So I signed up just to try it out…..I’d probably use it to blog light hearted stuff….

*update 28 Feb*  I finally found a way to enable comments using a third party program. DISQUS is powerful and power packed with control and a variety of options for use.  It can even be used for other blogs such as wordpress etc. however for my WordPress blog  I’d just stick to what WordPress has to offer.

Win 7 – My Favourite Features

Well after playing around with it I’ve decided to list down some of my favourite features which I will group into Simple and Complex. 


  • Maximise A Window – Just by dragging the window to the very top of the screen automatically maximises it
  • Windows Clutter – When you have so many windows open and want to just work on one while minimising the rest.  All you have to do is select the window you want to work with, hold the the left mouse click and shake your wrist.  If you have AERO running you can see the animation of the rest of the open windows falling nicely. ( Win+Home works too )
  • Windows Dock – You can dock windows by dragging them to the respective right or left edges automatically.  Keyboard shortcuts are ..
  • Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock;
  • Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow maximizes and restores / minimizes;
  • Win+Shift+Up Arrow and Win+Shift+Down Arrow maximizes and restores the vertical size.
  • The New Taskbar – Icons in the new taskbar are not fixed so it can easily be sorted/reordered according to you need.  You can then run instances of them simply by pressing Win+1, win+2, win+3 etc. depending on how you ordered them.
  • Right Click Everywhere – Right clicking practically anywhere gives you a lot more options.  Egs. Desktop – gives you resolution settings and more etc or at the Internet address bar you get history etc.
  • WordPad – Can now read and writed both Word 2007 compatible Office open XML and files (ODT) aka OpenDocument fro Sun Microsystems.
  • Running With Administrative Rights – simply Ctrl+Shift and click a docked application.
  • Once Again Please – To run an instance of the same application just hold down the Shift key and click on the taskbar icon of the application.
  • Cycling Through Multiple Open Messages – If you have mulitple email messages open and want to quicky cycle through them simply hold down the CTRL key and repeatedly click the single Outlook icon to do so.  Works with other applications too.
  • <strongPin Your Favorite Folders.- If you’re always working in the same four or five folders, you can quickly pin them with the Explorer icon on the taskbar. Hold the right-click button down and drag the folder to the taskbar, and it will be automatically pinned in the Explorer Jump List.
  • GLADIACULATOR - At first glance the Windows 7 calculator looks just like Vista’s version, but explore the Mode menu and you’ll see powerful new Statistics and Programmer views. And if you’re clueless about bitwise manipulation, then try the Options menu instead. This offers many different unit conversions (length, weight, volume and more), date calculations (how many days between two dates?), and spreadsheet-type templates to help you calculate vehicle mileage, mortgage rates and more.
  • Sticky Notes -The Sticky Notes app is both simpler and more useful in Windows 7. Launch StikyNot.exe and you can type notes at the keyboard; right-click a note to change its colour; click the + sign on the note title bar to add another note; and click a note and press Alt + 4 to close the note windows (your notes are automatically saved).
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows 7 supports several useful new keyboard shortcuts.


Display/ hide the Explorer preview pane

Windows Logo+G

Display gadgets in front of other windows

Windows Logo++ (plus key)

Zoom in, where appropriate

Windows Logo+- (minus key)

Zoom out, where appropriate

Windows Logo+Up

Maximise the current window

Windows Logo+Down

Minimise the current window

Windows Logo+Left

Snap to the left hand side of the screen

Windows Logo+Right

Snap to the right hand side of the screen

Windows Logo+Home

Minimise/ restore everything except the current window


  • CCTUNE.exe – Clear Type Text Tuning for calibrating a better text view.
  • Dccw.exe –  Display colour Calibration
  • diskmgmt.msc –  Create and mount VHD Files aka Virtual Drive. DISKPART utility has also been upgraded with tools to detach a VHD file, and an EXPAND command to increase a virtual disk’s maximum size. Don’t play around with this unless you know what you’re doing, though – it’s all too easy to trash your system.
  • ISO Burning - you can double-click on any DVD or CD .ISO image and you’ll see a helpful little applet that will enable you to burn the image to a blank disc.
  • Startup Repair – If you’ve downloaded Windows 7 (and even if you haven’t) it’s a good idea to create a system repair disc straight away in case you run into problems booting the OS later on. Click Start > Maintenance > Create a System Repair Disc, and let Windows 7 build a bootable emergency disc. If the worst does happen then it could be the only way to get your PC running again.
  • Installing from a USB Memory Stick – take a spare 4GB USB 2.0 thumbdrive, reformatted it as FAT32, and simply copy the contents of the Windows 7 Beta ISO image to the memory stick using xcopy e:\ f:\ /e /f (where e: was the DVD drive and f: was the removable drive location).
  • Get a power efficiency report  – If you have a laptop, you can use the efficiency calculator to get Windows 7 to generate loads of useful information about its power consumption. Used in the right way, this can help you make huge gains in terms of battery life and performance. To do this you must open a command prompt as an administrator by typing ‘cmd’ in Start Search, and when the cmd icon appears, right-click it and choose Run as administrator. Then at the command line, just type in ‘powercfg -energy’ (without quotes) and hit Return, and Windows 7 will scan your system looking for ways to improve power efficiency. It will then publish the results in an HTML file, usually in the System32 folder. Just follow the path it gives you to find your report.
  • Super Control Panel aka god mode – Windows 7 has changed Control Panel a little, but it’s still too difficult to locate all the applets and options that you might need. God Mode, however, while not being particularly godlike, does offer an easier way to access everything you could want from a single folder. To try this out, create a new folder and rename it to:


The first part, “Everything” will be the folder name, and can be whatever you want: “Super Control Panel”, “Advanced”, “God Mode” if you prefer. The extension, ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C, must be entered exactly as it is here, though, including the curly brackets. When you press [Enter] this part of the name will disappear, and double-clicking the new folder will display shortcuts to functions in the Action Centre, the Network and Sharing Centre, Power options, troubleshooting tools, user accounts and others – more than 260 options in total.

  • Bitlocker – USB flash drives are convenient, portable, and very easy to lose. Which is a problem, especially if they’re carrying sensitive data. Fortunately Windows 7 has the solution: encrypt your documents with an extension of Microsoft’s BitLocker technology, and only someone with the password will be able to access it. Right-click your USB flash drive, select Turn on BitLocker and follow the instructions to protect your private files.
  • GPEDIT.msc – to disable PC search Queries , go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer, double-click “Turn off display of recent search entries…” and click Enabled > OK.
  • RESMON – to find out why your system is sluggish -Click Start, type RESMON and press Enter to launch the Resource Monitor, then click the CPU, Memory, Disk or Network tabs. Windows 7 will immediately show which processes are hogging the most system resources. The CPU view is particularly useful, and provides something like a more powerful version of Task Manager. If a program has locked up, for example, then right-click its name in the list and select Analyze Process. Windows will then try to tell you why it’s hanging – the program might be waiting for another process, perhaps – which could give you the information you need to fix the problem.
  • PSR – Program Steps Recorder – When any app starts misbehaving under Windows 7 then all your friends need do is click Start, type PSR and press Enter, then click Start Record. If they then work through whatever they’re doing then the Problem Steps Recorder will record every click and keypress, take screen grabs, and package everything up into a single zipped MHTML file when they’re finished, ready for emailing to you. It’s quick, easy and effective, and will save you hours of troubleshooting time.


Well there are also some great links for tips and tricks which can easily be found via a google search.

Windows 7 (64 Bit) Wunderbar

Just finished installing it and I must say I am very impressed with it so far!  Loved that the wireless setup and connectivity bit was all done on the fly.  Also prior to the installation it automatically created a windows.old folder so that all my documents etc. was left intact there. I could also see what programs I had to reinstall from the same folder.  The OS setup and installation took approx 1 1/2 hours and everything else took me well almost 3hrs++ but it is well worth the effort.

So what’s so great about it?

Well as far as i can tell so far…..Speed, Reliability and it looks much slicker than Vista!  Still have to lots to play around with…..

The not so great bit is that it does not come with an email program but easily remedied by either using Outlook or downloading Windows Live Mail.  I also downloaded Windows Live Writer to see if it easier to do a blog post using it and well it’s looking pretty good.

*Update 25 Feb*

:lol:  What a joke! I already thought it looked so much sharper and crisp with Win 7! What I didn’t realise was that my graphic card drivers was not updated and it was only a generic driver being used.  It was only when I checked the Windows Experience index that I was shocked to find that it only scored a 1.0 and AERO was disabled as a result.  What! when I have the NVIDIA Geforce 8600m graphic card.  So I went to NVIDIA to download the latest Win7 64bit drivers ( 184MB) and Lo and Behold a breathtaking experience all over again! WOO HOO!

Oh and I had to search for the updated Drivers for my HP PSC 1310 Printer but found instead the compatible driver for the 1315 model.  HUGE File it turned out to be because it comes with the HP essential package. (300mb I think)

Going through the tips and tricks to see what I’m missing at this point…. ;)


Berry Good 7X

A while back I wrote about the natural goodness of Elderberry .  Recently I discovered that Brand’s has a new product ( well new to me anyways) called Innershine Berry Essence which has seven premium berries all in one bottle! Blueberry, chokeberry, cranberry, blackcurrant, acaiberry, elderberry and strawberry.  I must say that it is great tasting especially when served chilled.

The combination of seven berries is an excellent source of antioxidants, which neutralize harmful free radicals in the body and prevent degeneration of eye cells. It contains Zinc and is fortified with Vitamin A, C & E, providing the required nutrients to benefit ocular health.

A natural extract, it contains no artificial colouring and preservatives!

Brand’s Essence of Chicken is practically a household item here in Singapore that I actually thought Brand’s was a Local product. *smacks head*  It actually originates in the UK way back in 1820 when royal chef Henderson William Brand first developed it for King George IV to boost his health.  At least we should be content to know that we were the first port of call for Brand’s entry into Asia way back in 1920.

What I like best about Brand’s Innershine Berry Essence is that it not only taste great, it is affordable!  Try it!   ( And NO this is not a paid advertisement for Brand’s, just a note from a consumer….but hey if they ever read this and well you know…. :D )

Light Bulb Thoughts….


  • Spotting Large Visible Tattoos Dratically Reduces Your Employment Opportunity Window but opens many smaller ones
  • Why do parents of children who lead highly sheltered lives question why their children are socially inept?
  • Isn’t it ironic when a person so often says “Do not let your left hand know what you’re right hand is doing” all while his/her right hand is listening in attentively?
  • Why do some people who tend to use superfluous words, diagrams, or even formulas when all they simply want to ask is, “where shall we go for lunch today?” ( If you know someone like this, recommend they read ‘The Completed Plain Words’ By Sir Earnest Gowers first published in 1954 )
  • When I was 20 I longed for the wisdom of a 40 year old. Now that I’m 40, I long for the energy and strength of a 20 year old. Ain’t like funny…..especially since such wishlists are lengthly.
  • I lead a contented life…….when I’m asleep!
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    Wireless Charging Hmmm

    Imagine placing 3 to 5 separate gadgets on a pad and charging them simultaneously!  The convienience of it all is just amazing! Well all good things comes with a price…….Good news is that in so far as I can tell there are now two major players for this and so it is not a monopoly.   

    For now it is wait and see ….i.e. which garners the most positive feedback before I decide once again if it is a ‘Nice to have’ or a ‘Must have’.


    This is the charging station you always dreamed of. One cord, one mat, one place to charge all your handheld devices. The Home & Office mat uses magnetic induction and Powermat proprietary technology to charge your handheld devices quickly, efficiently, and wirelessly. Connect your device(s) to a Powermat receiver — either the Powercube or a dedicated receiver — and place it on the Powermat surface to start charging.

    WildCharge Pad

    The WildCharger Pad is 8 by 6 inch in size and can simultaneously charge as many as five WildCharge-enabled devices such as cell phones or portable music players.

    PureEnergy Solutions gives a better picture as to how their product works…

    extract :-The WildCharger Pad is flat and thin with a conductive surface. Our breakthrough highly efficient and green technology provides confidence – as you can see, hear and even feel how it works. Because the for WildCharge characteristic metal contact points (e.g. integrated into a cell phone skin) are magnetized, the device is attracted to the Pad’s conductive surface and solidly held in place once it touches down in any configuration with a satisfying clack. WildCharge technology works instantaneously on metal-on-metal contact. The Pad transmits electricity to the adapter element’s exposed contact points, charging the device. It is that simple. This technology is the direct evolution of your electrical plug in the wall.

    Enabling a portable electronic device with WildCharge technology is simple, too. There are four ways to outfit a mobile phone or other gadget for wire-free charging:

    • WildCharge Adapter Skins – protective gel covers custom designed to slip snuggly over the back of popular phone and music player models such as the iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry Curve and Pearl smartphones
    • WildCharge PowerDisc with PowerLinks – the ultimate adapter offering the broadest compatibility for cell phones, Bluetooth devices, GPS units, e-book readers and more
    • WildCharge Universal Adapter – the adjustable swing arm attaches to the back of the phone and comes with a tip (i.e. Nokia 2mm, Sony Ericsson or mini-USB) that fits right into the devices charge port
    • WildCharge Cellular Phone Adapter – the replacement backs perfectly fit in place of a respective model’s existing battery cover (currently available for Motorola RAZR V3 with more models coming soon).

    Each WildCharge adapter option is based on integrated wire-free charging technology with a four-point contact module that establishes an electrical connection the instant it touches down on the WildCharger Pad. Nothing else is required. The geometries of the charging surface of the Pad and the tiny metal “bumps” on the adapter guarantee that, regardless of where the device is placed on the Pad, a closed electrical circuit is formed between the surface and the device.

    What’s more, a mobile device will be wildcharged even when it is turned off. And the charging time and rate are the same as they would be with a conventional clunky adapter plugged straight into an outlet – but without the adapter proliferation and the clutter!

    Amazing Anagrams

    Brought to you by…….Senile Jet Flu! ( Know what that means?)


    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    THE EYES: 
    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:

    When you rearrange the letters:


    When you rearrange the letters:


    So here’s my Sunday wish for you…..that

    You become a thrifty hew!

    May The Force Be With You!


















    Want to know what the wish means then  highlight the empty space to the right above

    Interesting Footnotes On The Last Supper

    • Jewish Passover meals were held on Saturday
    • An unblemished lamb would be selected for the blood and to be eaten during the seder meal.
    • The Last Supper was held on Thursday
    • Jesus was the unblemished lamb ( Submitting his will (obedience)
    • Why did he come? “Iam the way, the truth….”
    • Adam and Eve on the other hand did not follow HIS way, they followed the lie.
    • At the Eucharistic Celebration there is a point where the priest breaks a small piece of the host and places it into the wine. (body joined with blood)….Risen Christ
    • Eucharist – Thanksgiving
    • John 3:16 God so loved the world he gave us his only son.
    • We celebrate in the moment, not the past or future but for all of time.
    • We are a pilgrim church on a journey to his second coming.  Part of the Eucharistic celebration is sustenance for the journey.
    • Covenant – Gave all of himself
    • SARX – Flesh
    • TROGEIN – Chew
    • MEAL – Real flesh and blood
    • Transubstiantion – One substance to another…
    • Word made flesh….

    During the afternoon of this Thursday, when Philip reminded the Master about the approaching Passover and inquired concerning his plans for its celebration, he had in mind the Passover supper which was due to be eaten on the evening of the next day, Friday. It was the custom to begin the preparations for the celebration of the Passover not later than noon of the preceding day. And since the Jews reckoned the day as beginning at sunset, this meant that Saturday’s Passover supper would be eaten on Friday night, sometime before the midnight hour.

    The apostles were, therefore, entirely at a loss to understand the Master’s announcement that they would celebrate the Passover one day early. They thought, at least some of them did, that he knew he would be placed under arrest before the time of the Passover supper on Friday night and was therefore calling them together for a special supper on this Thursday evening. Others thought that this was merely a special occasion which was to precede the regular Passover celebration.

    The apostles knew that Jesus had celebrated other Passovers without the lamb; they knew that he did not personally participate in any sacrificial service of the Jewish system. He had many times partaken of the paschal lamb as a guest, but always, when he was the host, no lamb was served. It would not have been a great surprise to the apostles to have seen the lamb omitted even on Passover night, and since this supper was given one day earlier, they thought nothing of its absence.

    After receiving the greetings of welcome extended by the father and mother of John Mark, the apostles went immediately to the upper chamber while Jesus lingered behind to talk with the Mark family.
    It had been understood beforehand that the Master was to celebrate this occasion alone with his twelve apostles; therefore no servants were provided to wait upon them.

    Desire for Preference

    When the apostles had been shown upstairs by John Mark, they beheld a large and commodious chamber, which was completely furnished for the supper, and observed that the bread, wine, water, and herbs were all in readiness on one end of the table. Except for the end on which rested the bread and wine, this long table was surrounded by thirteen reclining couches, just such as would be provided for the celebration of the Passover in a well-to-do Jewish household.

    As the twelve entered this upper chamber, they noticed, just inside the door, the pitchers of water, the basins, and towels for laving their dusty feet; and since no servant had been provided to render this service, the apostles began to look at one another as soon as John Mark had left them, and each began to think within himself, Who shall wash our feet? And each likewise thought that it would not be he who would thus seem to act as the servant of the others.

    As they stood there, debating in their hearts, they surveyed the seating arrangement of the table, taking note of the higher divan of the host with one couch on the right and eleven arranged around the table on up to opposite this second seat of honor on the host’s right.

    They expected the Master to arrive any moment, but they were in a quandary as to whether they should seat themselves or await his coming and depend on him to assign them their places. While they hesitated, Judas stepped over to the seat of honor, at the left of the host, and signified that he intended there to recline as the preferred guest. This act of Judas immediately stirred up a heated dispute among the other apostles. Judas had no sooner seized the seat of honor than John Zebedee laid claim to the next preferred seat, the one on the right of the host. Simon Peter was so enraged at this assumption of choice positions by Judas and John that, as the other angry apostles looked on, he marched clear around the table and took his place on the lowest couch, the end of the seating order and just opposite to that chosen by John Zebedee. Since others had seized the high seats, Peter thought to choose the lowest, and he did this, not merely in protest against the unseemly pride of his brethren, but with the hope that Jesus, when he should come and see him in the place of least honor, would call him up to a higher one, thus displacing one who had presumed to honor himself.

    With the highest and the lowest positions thus occupied, the rest of the apostles chose places, some near Judas and some near Peter, until all were located. They were seated about the U-shaped table on these reclining divans in the following order: on the right of the Master, John; on the left, Judas, Simon Zelotes, Matthew, James Zebedee, Andrew, the Alpheus twins, Philip, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Simon Peter.

    They are gathered together to celebrate, at least in spirit, an institution which antedated even Moses and referred to the times when their fathers were slaves in Egypt. This supper is their last rendezvous with Jesus, and even in such a solemn setting, under the leadership of Judas the apostles are led once more to give way to their old predilection for honor, preference, and personal exaltation.

    They were still engaged in voicing angry recriminations when the Master appeared in the doorway, where he hesitated a moment as a look of disappointment slowly crept over his face. Without comment he went to his place, and he did not disturb their seating arrangement.
    They were now ready to begin the supper, except that their feet were still unwashed, and they were in anything but a pleasant frame of mind.

    When the Master arrived, they were still engaged in making uncomplimentary remarks about one another, to say nothing of the thoughts of some who had sufficient emotional control to refrain from publicly expressing their feelings.


    For a few moments after the Master had gone to his place, not a word was spoken. Jesus looked them all over and, relieving the tension with a smile, said: ” I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you. I wanted to eat with you once more before I suffered, and realizing that my hour has come, I arranged to have this supper with you tonight, for, as concerns the morrow, we are all in the hands of the Father, whose will I have come to execute. I shall not again eat with you until you sit down with me in the kingdom which my Father will give me when I have finished that for which he sent me into this world. “

    After the wine and the water had been mixed, they brought the cup to Jesus, who, when he had received it from the hand of Thaddeus, held it while he offered thanks. And when he had finished offering thanks, he said: ” Take this cup and divide it among yourselves and, when you partake of it, realize that I shall not again drink with you the fruit of the vine since this is our last supper. When we sit down again in this manner, it will be in the kingdom to come. “

    Jesus began thus to talk to his apostles because he knew that his hour had come. He understood that the time had come when he was to return to the Father, and that his work on earth was almost finished. The Master knew he had revealed the Father’s love on earth and had shown forth his mercy to mankind, and that he had completed that for which he came into the world, even to the receiving of all power and authority in heaven and on earth. Likewise, he knew Judas Iscariot had fully made up his mind to deliver him that night into the hands of his enemies. He fully realized that this traitorous betrayal was the work of Judas, but that it also pleased Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia the prince of darkness. But he feared none of those who sought his spiritual overthrow any more than he feared those who sought to accomplish his physical death. The Master had but one anxiety, and that was for the safety and salvation of his chosen followers. And so, with the full knowledge that the Father had put all things under his authority, the Master now prepared to enact the parable of brotherly love.


    After drinking the first cup of the Passover, it was the Jewish custom for the host to arise from the table and wash his hands. Later on in the meal and after the second cup, all of the guests likewise rose up and washed their hands. Since the apostles knew that their Master never observed these rites of ceremonial hand washing, they were very curious to know what he intended to do when, after they had partaken of this first cup, he arose from the table and silently made his way over to near the door, where the water pitchers, basins, and towels had been placed. And their curiosity grew into astonishment as they saw the Master remove his outer garment, gird himself with a towel, and begin to pour water into one of the foot basins. Imagine the amazement of these twelve men, who had so recently refused to wash one another’s feet, and who had engaged in such unseemly disputes about positions of honor at the table, when they saw him make his way around the unoccupied end of the table to the lowest seat of the feast, where Simon Peter reclined, and, kneeling down in the attitude of a servant, make ready to wash Simon’s feet. As the Master knelt, all twelve arose as one man to their feet; even the traitorous Judas so far forgot his infamy for a moment as to arise with his fellow apostles in this expression of surprise, respect, and utter amazement.

    There stood Simon Peter, looking down into the upturned face of his Master. Jesus said nothing; it was not necessary that he should speak. His attitude plainly revealed that he was minded to wash Simon Peter’s feet. Notwithstanding his frailties of the flesh, Peter loved the Master. This Galilean fisherman was the first human being wholeheartedly to believe in the divinity of Jesus and to make full and public confession of that belief. And Peter had never since really doubted the divine nature of the Master. Since Peter so revered and honored Jesus in his heart, it was not strange that his soul resented the thought of Jesus’ kneeling there before him in the attitude of a menial servant and proposing to wash his feet as would a slave. When Peter presently collected his wits sufficiently to address the Master, he spoke the heart feelings of all his fellow apostles.

    After a few moments of this great embarrassment, Peter said, ” Master, do you really mean to wash my feet? ” And then, looking up into Peter’s face, Jesus said: ” You may not fully understand what I am about to do, but hereafter you will know the meaning of all these things. ” Then Simon Peter, drawing a long breath, said, ” Master, you shall never wash my feet! ” And each of the apostles nodded their approval of Peter’s firm declaration of refusal to allow Jesus thus to humble himself before them.

    The dramatic appeal of this unusual scene at first touched the heart of even Judas Iscariot; but when his vainglorious intellect passed judgment upon the spectacle, he concluded that this gesture of humility was just one more episode which conclusively proved that Jesus would never qualify as Israel’s deliverer, and that he had made no mistake in the decision to desert the Master’s cause.

    As they all stood there in breathless amazement, Jesus said: ” Peter, I declare that, if I do not wash your feet, you will have no part with me in that which I am about to perform. ” When Peter heard this declaration, coupled with the fact that Jesus continued kneeling there at his feet, he made one of those decisions of blind acquiescence in compliance with the wish of one whom he respected and loved. As it began to dawn on Simon Peter that there was attached to this proposed enactment of service some signification that determined one’s future connection with the Master’s work, he not only became reconciled to the thought of allowing Jesus to wash his feet but, in his characteristic and impetuous manner, said: ” Then, Master, wash not my feet only but also my hands and my head. “

    As the Master made ready to begin washing Peter’s feet, he said: ” He who is already clean needs only to have his feet washed. You who sit with me tonight are clean—but not all. But the dust of your feet should have been washed away before you sat down at meat with me. And besides, I would perform this service for you as a parable to illustrate the meaning of a new commandment which I will presently give you. “

    In like manner the Master went around the table, in silence, washing the feet of his twelve apostles, not even passing by Judas. When Jesus had finished washing the feet of the twelve, he donned his cloak, returned to his place as host, and after looking over his bewildered apostles, said:

    ” Do you really understand what I have done to you? You call me Master, and you say well, for so I am. If, then, the Master has washed your feet, why was it that you were unwilling to wash one another’s feet? What lesson should you learn from this parable in which the Master so willingly does that service which his brethren were unwilling to do for one another? Verily, verily, I say to you: A servant is not greater than his master; neither is one who is sent greater than he who sends him. You have seen the way of service in my life among you, and blessed are you who will have the gracious courage so to serve. But why are you so slow to learn that the secret of greatness in the spiritual kingdom is not like the methods of power in the material world?

    ” When I came into this chamber tonight, you were not content proudly to refuse to wash one another’s feet, but you must also fall to disputing among yourselves as to who should have the places of honor at my table. Such honors the Pharisees and the children of this world seek, but it should not be so among the ambassadors of the heavenly kingdom. Do you not know that there can be no place of preferment at my table? Do you not understand that I love each of you as I do the others? Do you not know that the place nearest me, as men regard such honors, can mean nothing concerning your standing in the kingdom of heaven? You know that the kings of the gentiles have lordship over their subjects, while those who exercise this authority are sometimes called benefactors. But it shall not be so in the kingdom of heaven. He who would be great among you, let him become as the younger; while he who would be chief, let him become as one who serves. Who is the greater, he who sits at meat, or he who serves? Is it not commonly regarded that he who sits at meat is the greater? But you will observe that I am among you as one who serves. If you are willing to become fellow servants with me in doing the Father’s will, in the kingdom to come you shall sit with me in power, still doing the Father’s will in future glory. “

    When Jesus had finished speaking, the Alpheus twins brought on the bread and wine, with the bitter herbs and the paste of dried fruits, for the next course of the Last Supper.


    For some minutes the apostles ate in silence, but under the influence of the Master’s cheerful demeanor they were soon drawn into conversation, and ere long the meal was proceeding as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred to interfere with the good cheer and social accord of this extraordinary occasion. After some time had elapsed, in about the middle of this second course of the meal, Jesus, looking them over, said: ” I have told you how much I desired to have this supper with you, and knowing how the evil forces of darkness have conspired to bring about the death of the Son of Man, I determined to eat this supper with you in this secret chamber and a day in advance of the Passover since I will not be with you by this time tomorrow night. I have repeatedly told you that I must return to the Father. Now has my hour come, but it was not required that one of you should betray me into the hands of my enemies. “

    When the twelve heard this, having already been robbed of much of their self-assertiveness and self-confidence by the parable of the feet washing and the Master’s subsequent discourse, they began to look at one another while in disconcerted tones they hesitatingly inquired, ” Is it I? ” And when they had all so inquired, Jesus said: ” While it is necessary that I go to the Father, it was not required that one of you should become a traitor to fulfill the Father’s will. This is the coming to fruit of the concealed evil in the heart of one who failed to love the truth with his whole soul. How deceitful is the intellectual pride that precedes the spiritual downfall! My friend of many years, who even now eats my bread, will be willing to betray me, even as he now dips his hand with me in the dish. “

    And when Jesus had thus spoken, they all began again to ask, ” Is it I? ” And as Judas, sitting on the left of his Master, again asked, ” Is it I? ” Jesus, dipping the bread in the dish of herbs, handed it to Judas, saying, ” You have said. ” But the others did not hear Jesus speak to Judas. John, who reclined on Jesus’ right hand, leaned over and asked the Master: ” Who is it? We should know who it is that has proved untrue to his trust. ” Jesus answered: ” Already have I told you, even he to whom I gave the sop. ” But it was so natural for the host to give a sop to the one who sat next to him on the left that none of them took notice of this, even though the Master had so plainly spoken. But Judas was painfully conscious of the meaning of the Master’s words associated with his act, and he became fearful lest his brethren were likewise now aware that he was the betrayer.

    Peter was highly excited by what had been said, and leaning forward over the table, he addressed John, ” Ask him who it is, or if he has told you, tell me who is the betrayer. “

    Jesus brought their whisperings to an end by saying: ” I sorrow that this evil should have come to pass and hoped even up to this hour that the power of truth might triumph over the deceptions of evil, but such victories are not won without the faith of the sincere love of truth. I would not have told you these things at this, our last supper, but I desire to warn you of these sorrows and so prepare you for what is now upon us. I have told you of this because I desire that you should recall, after I have gone, that I knew about all these evil plottings, and that I forewarned you of my betrayal. And I do all this only that you may be strengthened for the temptations and trials which are just ahead. “

    When Jesus had thus spoken, leaning over toward Judas, he said: ” What you have decided to do, do quickly. ” And when Judas heard these words, he arose from the table and hastily left the room, going out into the night to do what he had set his mind to accomplish. When the other apostles saw Judas hasten off after Jesus had spoken to him, they thought he had gone to procure something additional for the supper or to do some other errand for the Master since they supposed he still carried the bag.

    Jesus now knew that nothing could be done to keep Judas from turning traitor. He started with twelve—now he had eleven. He chose six of these apostles, and though Judas was among those nominated by his first-chosen apostles, still the Master accepted him and had, up to this very hour, done everything possible to sanctify and save him, even as he had wrought for the peace and salvation of the others.

    This supper, with its tender episodes and softening touches, was Jesus’ last appeal to the deserting Judas, but it was of no avail. Warning, even when administered in the most tactful manner and conveyed in the most kindly spirit, as a rule, only intensifies hatred and fires the evil determination to carry out to the full one’s own selfish projects, when love is once really dead.

    ESTABLISHING THE REMEMBRANCE SUPPER ( Words Differ in some Bibilical Text – Another View)

    As they brought Jesus the third cup of wine, the ” cup of blessing, ” he arose from the couch and, taking the cup in his hands, blessed it, saying: ” Take this cup, all of you, and drink of it. This shall be the cup of my remembrance. This is the cup of the blessing of a new dispensation of grace and truth. This shall be to you the emblem of the bestowal and ministry of the divine Spirit of Truth. And I will not again drink this cup with you until I drink in new form with you in the Father’s eternal kingdom. “

    The apostles all sensed that something out of the ordinary was transpiring as they drank of this cup of blessing in profound reverence and perfect silence. The old Passover commemorated the emergence of their fathers from a state of racial slavery into individual freedom; now the Master was instituting a new remembrance supper as a symbol of the new dispensation wherein the enslaved individual emerges from the bondage of ceremonialism and selfishness into the spiritual joy of the brotherhood and fellowship of the liberated faith sons of the living God.

    When they had finished drinking this new cup of remembrance, the Master took up the bread and, after giving thanks, broke it in pieces and, directing them to pass it around, said: ” Take this bread of remembrance and eat it. I have told you that I am the bread of life. And this bread of life is the united life of the Father and the Son in one gift. The word of the Father, as revealed in the Son, is indeed the bread of life.” When they had partaken of the bread of remembrance, the symbol of the living word of truth incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh, they all sat down.

    (In the order of the (Catholic) Mass as in EP1, the bread is broken first…..

    The day before he suffered he took break in his sacred hands and looking up to heaven, to you, his almighty Father, he gave you thanks and praise. He broke the bread, gave it to his disciples, and said:

    Take this, all of you, and eat it:
    this is my body which will be given up for you.

    When supper was ended, he took the cup. Again he gave you thanks and praise, gave the cup to his disciples, and said:

    Take this, all of you, and drink from it:
    this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant. It will be shed for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven. Do this in memory of me. )

    Book Review – When Darkness Falls By James Grippando


    Sypnosis : 

    Miami attorney Jack Swyteck is back in the lightning-paced thriller When Darkness Falls. This time Jack gets more than he bargained for when he defends a homeless man who calls himself Falcon.

    Falcon is full of contradictions. He lives in a car but he has access to a lot of cash. And he has an obsession with the Miami mayor’s daughter. First, Falcon threatens to jump from the top of the Bay of Biscayne bridge unless he can talk to Alina Mendoza. He ends up in jail, but surprisingly has the bail money and is on the street again in a few hours, earning Jack the enmity of the powerful and vindictive mayor.

    Then Falcon strikes again. Hours after his release, the body of a brutally murdered woman is found in the trunk of Falcon’s car. Then Falcon crashes Jack’s car into a motel and takes hostage the woman inside, plus Theo, in the process killing one policeman and injuring another. Now Jack’s in a pulse-pounding race to save Theo and the woman…but what Jack doesn’t know is that the deadly scenario that’s unfolding is much bigger than Falcon, much bigger than he could possibly imagine.


    This Author came highly recommended by a buddy of mine,  so I decided to try reading one of his books.  Little did I know that this one happens to be number 6 of the Jack Swyteck series.  Doesn’t really matter as it does take off from the previous book nor does it lead you on to the next.

    The plot is strong and the characterizations very good and it did well to hold my attention throughout.  But as far as twists goes well…. let’s just say for now, I’ve experienced far better.  Still I very much enjoyed James Grippando’s writing style and his wicked sense of humour which he manages to entwine into the tale, a feat not often found in Thrillers!

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