Cheers To New Beginnings!

I never thought I would ever start a blog! Afterall I always wondered why would anyone want their personal thoughts, aspirations, dreams, sorrows….essentially one’s rollercoaster ride of a life out there for everyone to see. Does one seek personal glorification? or simply to validate one’s very own existence.

Then as I moved deeper in thought I began to wonder….What if I were to share my life’s experiences? Perhaps others could learn from my mistakes, laugh with me on the lighter sides….. simply partake on my journey vicariously till of course my feeble senses fail.

If you asked me how I feel about my life today? I would say I have led a semi-charmed life. I have lots to be thankful and grateful for.

It is now 5:21am on a cold Sunday morning……..and I haven’t slept…so till next time…


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