A Letter To My Soulmate

Mere words cannot possibly describe the awesome feelings I possess for you. So I have found while writing this letter. What we have is what most people spend a lifetime searching for.

And yet like the phoenix, our kindred spirits have to be reborn from the flames which consumes it from time to time. For is it not true we hurt the ones we love the most?

Your joys are my joys, your sorrows are my sorrows as mine are in yours. My heart weeps when it cannot fill the void left behind from a portion ripped away by an unkind word, a harsh tone or an unspoken hurt.

Only your love can console my heart and fill the void. And though we have a bond that ties us together, we cannot grow in each other’s shadow. So let there be a space between us where we can grow strong side by side. 

And with time and age we will seek solace in the warmth of our companionship.


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