Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder only if a strong foundation of love and friendship has already been laid down. The absence creates an awareness of what beautiful qualities the missing loved one brings into the relationship, such as the kind words, warmth, tenderness, care and all the little other pieces that makes it excruciating to be without or rather to pine for.For longer periods of absence, that should be some form of communication exchanged if only to put each others mind at ease on one another’s well being. There should also be a legitimacy for the long duration spent apart, perhaps for studies or an overseas assignment. But the most important thing of all, is that both parties are committed in the relationship.

On the flip side, I believe absence can make the heart bitter and eventually spiteful too. This happens when the foundation is not strong or if the party feels as though as they are living separate lives. Perhaps due to excessive overseas assignments and limited time spent together as a result. Or it could happen even domestically where one is totally self absorbed, in work or personal hobbies. After all what we ultimately want, is to share our lives with someone. The joys, sorrows, trials, tribulations and all the little idiosyncrasies life has to offer.

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