Nothing Good To Say…Don’t Say

A wise man once told me this in a coffee shop, he said,”Son, nothing good to say….don’t say.” Which basically meant if you have nothing good to contribute to a conversation, discussion or generally anything nice to say then it is best you just kept quiet. No one likes to hear criticism be it constructive or not, lest of course it is upon request. Besides your two cents worth, is only valuable when it is sought after.Timing is also of utmost importance! As in why is it necessary to give your opinion after an argument or misunderstanding had taken place? Furthermore the errant party had already apologised? How does your opinion improve the situation?

Would seeing someone you care about shake his or her head and shrug make you happy? Why choose sarcasm over a polite, meaningful conversation? Or be so quick to be judgmental or critical over another’s words or actions.

Words are like precious stones, if you choose the correct ones they are invaluable. They can excite, alleviate, motivate, invigorate and amongst other things make one soar to the highest pinnacles. On the contrary when the wrong ones are chosen they are mere jagged stones for they discourage, demoralize, destroy and can make one fall to the very depths of excruciating misery.

Hence if you see me with my hands over my mouth in muffled screams, I am only trying my best to practice , “Nothing Good To Say….Don’t Say!” ha ha

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