Another Attempt at Swing/Lindy Hop 05 Mar 2007

Yes I did it again!….hmmm sounds so Britney Spears ha ha. Anyhow this time round I was there to lend my support to a buddy of ours…Randy who was suppose to show up for his first taster class. But I was told after braving the bad weather and a bloody mole (cut shaving sheesh) that he could not turn up due to some last minute meeting at the office. Pity because it was great fun as usual, but more importantly it was to be the last taster class available at the Art Cafe at the Esplanade till further notice.

I was not as anxious before probably because 1)It was not my first time. 2)Not fully awake as it after a post night shift with limited sleep. 3)Kate the darling that she is, was there to encourage and spur me on. Anyhow as we started, it actually became more interesting and fun being able to follow what was going on and making fewer mistakes. After the taster, there was a follow up social dance session for whoever stayed back or popped by. This is when you get to see the professionals or advanced dance partners in action.

Private Session With The Strict Diva Was Here

Well guess what? I signed up for Swing Lessons! And I’ll be going alone eek!…’s to living life with a passion ha ha!Oops and thanks Eileen for popping by to say hi *winks*

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