On Friendship

With age some find themselves living in a cynical world, where friendships are thought more of a network of people for which they can be taken advantage of. Friendships are more often then naught, kept superficial and dispensable. Some live by an unspoken code, which essentially is that No Man is an island, you need others to survive but ultimately you live and die alone. These people measure their successes by their wealth and believe wholeheartedly that happiness will result from their labour.How many close personal friends do you have? Ones that you can depend on to be there for you in your hour of need? How many of these good friends have you driven away? By being insensitive, thoughtless, self absorbed, self-centered and uncaring.

For me personally, true friendship will stand the tests of time. It takes a lot of work, personal sacrifice and love. Friendship is like a flower garden, you can have many varieties of flowers. Whilst there are basic things you do the help them grow like watering, tending to the soil, pruning and propagating. Different species require different special care and attention. It is truly a labour of love and when you watch them flourish….what joy!

Another way of looking at it, is that Friendship is like opening an emotional Bank account, you have to make constant deposits for it to grow. Deposits like little kindnesses, hugs, care and attention to name a few. From time to time there may be withdrawals but so long as you have enough deposits you can maintain a credit balance. Also for friends that may have drifted apart, the beauty of having had a credit balance is that you can pick right up where you left.

4 Responses

  1. I have many acquaintances who can depend on me to be there…but I’ve got ziltch as true friends, cause I can’t depend on anyone *sigh* how sad is that

  2. Strange that I didn’t reply to you G….anyhow…you’ve got me babe! 😉

  3. Friends are the most colorful creation that God given for me…

  4. Well then it is important to care for his masterpiece yes? 😉

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