My 2nd Swing Dance Lesson 13 Mar 07

Would you believe it? It rained heavily again whilst making my way over to the studio. Was it a sign to stop? NO WAY I tell you! ( well you should have seen the virtual glares I got when the thought crossed my mind)

Anyhow in today’s lesson I began to seriously wonder….”Who let the dog out? Who? Who? Who? Who!” Why you may ask? Simply because yours truly was barked at by the adorable Dance Instructor Anna! It seemed like she singled me out from the lot, either because I was a total screw up or maybe….just maybe she saw some faint signs of potential in me ha ha..I’m definitely going with the latter. Just wonder if she realizes that by doing it that way, it doesn’t really help with my self confidence?? Sheesh! But in all honesty I am grateful to her, because she actually took the time to correct me, again, again, again and over again. And it paid off, cos I was afraid to make the same mistake hee hee….well the overall lesson learnt is always master your basics.

Today we basically polished up on what we learned in the first class and later Sinclair and Anna introduced two more steps. The “Dropsy” I think that was what it was called and an inside turn. Overall fun factor still on the high side…..

*mental notes to self*

  1. Boom Boom Shakerdi di da shark attack
  2. Roll side triple step…..Back away triple step
  3. Don’t shuffle learn to do the basics steps right first
  4. Body movement signals the move, not so much the hands
  5. Keep a comfortable distance, not to far and not too close
  6. Try not to look down
  7. For the basic inside turn, lead the hand towards the right shoulder and polish the halo.

Now I have to remind myself to get some practice in before next Tuesday…lest I want to be barked at again…eek! Ha ha…..Oh Anna! if somehow you end up reading this, I do actually adore you…..*blink**blink*

2 Responses

  1. haha… nice save with the “adore anna” bit…

  2. She can be a little impatient and a tad sarcastic, but she is still a wonderful instructor all the same. And she is adorable what? *blink**blink*

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