Fat Loss Myths & Lies

#1 Skip Meals or Extreme Dieting Will Help You Lose Unwanted FatsEat less and you burn less, basically your body enters into starvation mode. i.e. stores the fat in case of emergency. Hence your metabolism slows down.

#2 Losing Fat can be accomplished without hard work

There are no short cuts or magic bullet, you would be on a misguided quest. Only with proper nutrition, hardwork and patience will you make quantum leaps.

#3 You Need Supplements to lose fat

Exercise,nutrition and a positive mindset are the only tools you require to lost fat permanently. Supplementation or rather some basic ones may help speed up the process but that makes up for a very small percentage. Concentrate first on your nutrition and training programs.

#4 You Can Trust Magazines or Magazine Articles

Advertisements can run into thousands of dollars, so don’t believe everything you read. If it sounds too good to be true it then it probably is. Have you noticed how many articles are about the greatest “breakthroughs” in supplements? These are in fact advertisements in disguise.

#5 You Can lose weight in just minutes a day

Your body is a complex machine which is designed to be used often and vigorously. Yes of course you do not want to overtrain and ensure adequate rest and care is given for optimum results, but if you believe in the hype of just spending a few minutes each day doing some specific exercise will make you lean and mean, then I got some junk that I could sell you easily. You basically reap what you sow……

#6 Lose 15Kgs in 30 days

You can lose that kind of weight yes if you dehydrate your body after all the body is made up of 70% water. Question you should be asking is how to lose 15kgs of Fats healthily and permanently. The standard or rather safe weight loss per week is approx 1kg Weight loss in the correct sense is not something to be rushed into.

#7 Very Low or zero carbohydrate diets are the best way to lose body fat permanently

Carbohydrates are not fattening, what is fattening is eating more than your body can use at one time. Low carbohydrate meals causes your energy levels to plummet, I would suggest a moderate carbohydrate meal goes a long way.

#8 Some people are genetically unable to lose weight.

There is no one shoe fits all solution to dieting and exercise. There will always be different groups of people, some will just need to work harder because their metabolism is slower. This simply means you have to adjust your diet and training to fit your body type and metabolism.

#9 Fat Burners Especially the Newer ones are effective for Permanent fat loss

If these were true woudn’t there be fewer Fat people around? There are no miracle solutions to fat loss. Some of these products even contains stimulants that affect the central nervous system and should be approached with caution. An effective Fat burning program must have 04 main components namely 1) Proper Nutritious diet of Natural foods with a mild calorie deficit 2) Aerobic exercise (cardio) 3)Weight Training 4)Goal setting, positive image and motivated.

#10 I can Target which areas I want to lost fat and ladies should not weight train because they will grow oversized ugly muscles

Unfortunately when it comes to fat loss your body decides on each own which part fat is lost first, hence whilst you may be doing 150 situps a day….you may gain some abdominal muscles but lose fat in your back or shoulders instead. Keeping a regular aerobic excercise with mild caloric deficit will be your safest bet in the long run to lose the fat that you want.

Women simply do not have enough of male hormones such as testerone to increase big muscle mass. In fact, women have ten to thirty times less of bodybuilding hormones than their male counterparts. Women who accept this myth will miss out on all of the benefits that weightlifting and bodybuilding can offer. Women can only develop bulging muscles if they are on special supplementation and specially designed training systems. Some of those muscle bound ladies you have seen may even be taking steroids, a banned and harmful substance. Normal women carrying weights will just tone their body shapes resulting in tight and firmer bodies. Yes, as a woman you may notice an increase in weight when you step on a scale. This is because muscle tissue weigh more than fat. Thus, as you increase your muscle tissue, your weight will increase but your fats will be reduced giving you a well toned sexy body which most women can only dream of. Another reason that women should do weight lifting is the benefit it can have on your bones. Weight training is a powerful preventive action against osteoporosis, a disease caused by porous bone and low bone density. Women has a much higher risk than men to suffer from osteoporosis. In fact, most women will suffer from this disease as they age. Those plagued with osteoporosis have an increased susceptibility to fractures. These fractures can even be fatal. So, women should exercise with weightlifting to strengthen and increase bone density. Research has shown that six months of weightlifting may increase bone mineral density by as much as 15 percent. As you increase your muscle tissue, your bones must adapt to accommodate this increase in your muscle mass . So your bones respond by increasing in density. The result? You will own a stronger skeletal structure and a reduced risk for osteoporosis.

4 Responses

  1. i hate it when i tell people i’m losing weight.. and when i eat, they go “arent you losing weight”?? grrrr…

  2. Well hopefully this will help dispel some of the myths, most people equate fat loss with weight loss which is not correct. Understand how you feel though….*huggies*

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  4. Wellness: I don’t quite understand what you mean by linking me from your site as I visited your site and I saw that the links there are mainly on products etc for health and wellness. If you like to then go ahead.

    cheers 😉

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