Phantom Of The Opera 27 Mar 2007 8:00pm Esplanade Theatre


Wow! To think that this musical started way back in 1986 and for the first time yesterday I had a chance to catch it live in Singapore 21 years later. After watching Notre Dame De Paris which I enjoyed immensely late last year, they announced that Phantom was coming to town. I was so excited I booked my tickets in Dec and decided that since it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity I bought the Cat 2 seats which is the 2nd highest priced. No regrets mates! as my seats were just beside Deutsche Bank’s Box seats.

The props and lightings were impressive, I especially liked the boat scene, when the Phantom and Christine glided across in it on stage with such ease and precision that you actually felt it was on water. The timing of the music, props etc was impeccable. The only slight disappointment I personally felt on the topic of the props, was the Chandelier. Mind you it was a magnificent enough piece however I just felt that the glass/crystals lack lustre, moreover the lighting for it was not brilliantly bright enough to the cue of “Illumination!” As for the costumes, they were jaw dropping gorgeous especially for the masquerade scene! *Two Thumbs Up*

The Cast did a fantastic job, and the lead Rebecca Pitcher (Christine Daae) did a wonderful effortless job of singing soprano which touched my inner being. I actually teared on two occasions, one when Raoul and Christine sang ‘All I Ask of you.’

No more talk of darkness, Forget these
wide-eyed fears.
I’m here,
nothing can harm you –
my words will
warm and calm you.

Let me be
your freedom,
let daylight
dry -your tears.
I’m here,
with you, beside you,
to guard you
and to guide you . . .

Say you love me
waking moment,
turn my head
with talk of summertime . . .

Say you need me
with you,
now and always . . .
promise me that all
you say is true –
that’s all I ask
of you . . .

Let me be
your shelter,
let me
be your light.
You’re safe:
No-one will find you
your fears are
far behind you . . .

All I want
is freedom,
a world with
no more night . . .
and you
always beside me
to hold me
and to hide me . . .

Then say you’ll share with
me one
love, one lifetime . . .
Iet me lead you
from your solitude . . .

Say you need me
with you
here, beside you . . .
anywhere you go,
let me go too –
that’s all I ask
of you . . .

Say you’ll share with
me one
love, one lifetime . . .
say the word
and I will follow you . . .

Share each day with
me, each
night, each morning . . .

Say you love me . . .

You know I do . . .

Love me –
that’s all I ask
of you . . .

(They kiss)

Anywhere you go
let me go too . . .
Love me –
that’s all I ask
of you

And the other was when Christine in a moment of desperation, makes her choice and kisses the Phantom. Stunned by the kiss and touched by Christine’s kindness, he sets Raoul free and tells him to take Christine away immediately. He asks them both to swear to keep his existence a secret.

For me Brad Little (The Phantom) stole the show, his voice and stage presence was indeed felt by everyone. *stands and clap again*

It is no wonder why this musical has stood the test of time. Even after watching the movie, people still go in droves to watch the musical live. The soundtrack, music and lyrics were wonderfully written and is a definitely must BUY in my humble opinion.

The music for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of The Phantom of The Opera was composed specifically for the voice of his then-wife Sarah Brightman.

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