*Dances A Jig* ” I did it!…I did it…Woo Hoo!Well for those who have done it before, I guess it is no big deal. But for me…it was! No prior training, totally unprepared, and not knowing what to expect was driving me nuts! I actually began visualising myself as King Kong trudging up the staircase and falling off…hee heeI was persuaded by my colleague to take part and since I needed a major distraction from what was troubling me, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Venue : Millenia Towers
Time : 1745hrs Registration
Floors : 42

I changed and made my way to the registration booth at approximately 1730hrs, and was amazed to see about 80-100 participants for both the relay and individual events. Why was I even informed that there was a relay event? At least that would have been so much easier as it was a group effort. Each of the four members was only required to complete 10 to 11 floors each.

The most frustrating thing was the wait, we had to wait for the relay teams to complete their event first, then the female individuals and only then it would be our turn. By the time we started it was already close to 7pm.

I don’t have the official timing yet, but I reckon I finished all 42 floors within 15mins or less
Will edit the official timing as soon as I get it.

*Big Bear Huggies* To all those who encouraged me, especially Melissa whom spurred me on!

My Official Timing Taken To Complete the Event 10mins 28 secs. *Proud Smile*

3 Responses

  1. Congrats brodiffmo! Westin Stamford next? 😀

  2. Well DK, Crocy will sure go for Westin since he can make it to 42 floors. Way to go Crocy ^_^

  3. kudos to you dude…i’d die! Wouldn’t make it pass 4 + 2 floors 😦

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