Personal Life’s Lessons – On Dreams, Aspirations & Goals

I feel that everyone has to be realistic and work hard towards their goals in life. Realistic in the sense that they should not set lofty goals in which they end up disappointing themselves when they are not reached. Of course almost anything is possible with hard work, sacrifice and determination. What is of overall importance is knowing the difference between them, that is that some dreams and aspirations do come true, but not all the time. However realistic goals with hard work and determination can always be achieved.

All too often people compare themselves with others i.e. with friends and family and end up feeling frustrated with themselves and their lives. They do not see the value in their own life or existence. They forget that there will always be greater and lesser persons than themselves. I have sat down with many people of different age groups, occupations, religious beliefs and income levels. And I find myself always being comfortable and happy with only those who can put it all of that aside and just talk about everything else under the sun.

I too have dreams, aspirations and goals. However I have learned to know my limitations, cut my clothes according to my cloth and to be somewhat content, even happy with what I have. That does not mean I do not strive to better myself and on a daily basis. Besides the phrase still rings true in this day and age. “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” or the more updated version “Sharpen the saw.”

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