I Remember Heintje


 It is almost 30 years now and I still remember listening to one of my all time favourite singers in my childhood. I don’t know how my parents even heard of him but I remember being given a red polydor cassette which somehow stood the tests of time. Heintje was a boy himself when he topped the charts in West Germany in the late 60s. And what I remember most of his songs even though all I had was a cassette with the English ones, is that they were very melodic and the lyrics beautiful although it may have not been in perfect grammar. When I have the time, I will share a few by writing out the lyrics to some of his songs.

Born Hein Nicolaas Theodoor Simons
in Bleijerheide, Holland
on August 12, 1955


Open Communication

It seems to me that quite a few close friends and I have recently experienced the lack of… or rather the want for open communication. But apparently it is very difficult for some to just open up their hearts and lay all the cards on the table. Why? well your guess is as good as mine, maybe it is because they are afraid of getting hurt or maybe they want to spare our feelings. But either way the lack of good honest open communication leads to assumptions, mistrust, and even strains an otherwise wonderful relationship.

For me personally I would rather hear the truth then to be lead through a maze of sorts and wind up where we started making no progress whatsoever. I mean if the relationship is great, wouldn’t you want to treasure it? However if you feel that the relationship brings you more pain than joy, why not just be honest about that too. Let’s face it, to even feel hurt about it means that the people involved love and care for each other. And if they care that deeply for each other, then they would want what is best for one another even if means letting go. That said letting go, does not mean forever but perhaps a short break to rethink or get collected. It could also be about a whole lot of other things, or simply just wanting some breathing space if one feels the proximity is stifling.

But what happens when there is no open communication, well for starters it would be very tedious and frustrating to guess what the other is feeling or why he/she has chosen to remain distant or even aloof and cold. If this kind of treatment is dished out for close friends or kin then who needs enemies? *chuckles*

( Word of the day ‘Tumultuous‘ *blink**blink*)