What Physical Attributes Makes A Woman Sexy?

I was recently asked this question and I actually found it a little difficult to answer. Why? Because different women have different sex appeal or sexiness about them. Some women can even be mentally sexy if you know what I mean. Okay it is not that I was going for a politically correct answer, it’s just how I feel about it can?

If we are talking strictly about the physical attributes well then we will have to start with the hair, then work our way down to how proportionate the rest of the body is.  From the shoulders to the curvature and fullness of the breasts. Then there is the tummy area to the hips.  The thighs to the calfs, the ankles and even the feet!  And still somehow even with all that has been mentioned, certain attributes would appeal to different men at different levels!

Anyhow here is a picture of a woman I personally think is sexy on many levels.


2 Responses

  1. any woman can be sexy. this woman in this pic. is very beautiful and sexy. but there are many woman,that just have a natural sex appeal . the way they carry them themselves.an overweight woman can be very sexy, just by the way she dresses. walks, talks and the way and mostly if she thinks she,s sexy .and makes her happy, to me thats all that matters. give a woman a chance before u judge her. you may really find her very intresting and appealing to you.

  2. Right on! 😉

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