Song, Music & My Life

I cannot fathom a life without song or music! No I am not a singer or musician, it’s just a passion. And it spans across a wide variety of genres including broadway musicals! Hence my collection of more than 500 Cds. I even have a number of foreign ones which include French, Mexican, African, Thai, Maori etc. The only genre which I had to really acquire a taste for was Jazz. It took me a while but I love it all the same now.

For a spell I was fortunate enough to hook up with a ‘brother’ Gerard to DJ part time. He would Emcee while I’d spin, and he was the one who gave me lessons in mixing etc. It was a whole lot of fun, especially when you see people come alive on the dance floor or just having fun at their tables. We met people from all walks of life and at some interesting venues, hotels being the norm.

My fondest memories was being able to play my all time favourite genre Reggae! We did it on a few occasions at the Sailing Club at East Coast Park, one of the pubs there, SAF Yacht Club and one or two more locations.

I just love Reggae music to bits! It always puts me in a good mood or at least better mood. I can close my eyes, sway to the music and imagine myself at some beach drinking a tropical drink laced with coconut rum. BoomShakalaka! Mun!

I wonder if such joys or passions can ever be experienced by the deaf? *sighs* I hope in some way they can………

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