Random Thoughts 0.1


  • How can some people build relationships like sandcastles and expect them to lasts.

  • Funny how in life we must lose something to realise how precious it was to begin with?
  • We get so upset with others who have hurt us by their indifference or deceit and yet sometimes do it ourselves to others.
  • Funny how we say things we don’t mean and mean things we don’t say.
  • How some people can take but not give, and some can give but not take.
  • How is it we can see a downtrodden path ahead?And still get on that path.
  • Find minuscule faults in others but not see the gigantic ones in ourselves.
  • We say Love is blind and yet are shocked when we open our eyes to see.
  • How some people want so desperately to be loved and yet do not love themselves.
  • How some people feel they cannot put their faith or trust in others and yet are not trustworthy themselves.
  • How some people shout and scream when things go wrong and yet expect to be treated with civility.
  • How can some people not put in the hardwork and make sacrifices? But still want to reap the rewards of such labour.
  • How some do nothing but dream, and yet expect their dreams to come true.

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