Random Thoughts 0.2


  • Why are you compelled to give your 2 cents worth? When no one requested for it?
  • Do some people flirt because they want to feel needed or wanted?
  • Why claim to be conservative when you do or say things to contradict yourself?
  • How does one have a conversation with another who is constantly preoccupied or gives you one word answers? Ans:- You don’t! ha ha (hope that helps)
  • Can a leopard change its spots? Ans:- Is this a trick question? Leopards No! But men sometimes can.
  • What does it mean when someone says it doesn’t change anything between us, but everything else did? *chuckles* sorry cannot help it….
  • What if someone complains to you that so and so is acting cutesy and not acting her age? Ans. I’d say live and let live!
  • Can the heart feel what the eye cannot see ?

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