Beer Drinking Playlist 24 June 07

Drink Of The Day – Boddingtons Bitter boddingtons.jpg


  • Sister Golden Hair
  • American Pie
  • Love Will Keep Us Together
  • Who’ll Stop The Rain
  • Have you ever seen the rain
  • Teach Your Children Well
  • Desperado
  • New Kid In Town
  • Reminiscing
  • Needles and Pins
  • Living Next Door To Alice
  • Me and you and a dog named Boo
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • Me & Julio down by the schoolyard
  • Take it to the limit
  • New Kid in town
  • Lady (LRB)
  • Take It Easy
  • If you think you know


Update! Calling all ye Irish blooded Brethren! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! There is a newly opened Irish Pub at Marina Square called Durty Nellys…….Let’s Gather for a pint! *winks*


“Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A pretty girl and an honest one.
A cold beer and another one! ”

“Nary a day goes by that I miss to wonder why
the moon shows his face as the day draws nigh.
In the firelight I ponder my canine’s thought
as he gazes upon me from his hand-me-down cot.
I think of God and all his creations,
one being the women with her unbridled temptations.
I have searched for love with no direction,
skeletons in the closet… a fine collection.
These quandaries of mine, I’m sure to figure out.
For I know the answer lies at the bottom of this stout.”

2 Responses

  1. Since we’re working closeby, I’m game if you’re up for it. Even if it’s the casual, un-announced beers after work. 🙂

  2. Well I can only give you a holler when I’m doing the morning shifts I guess, cos if I’m doing the afternoon shifts I only get off at 2300hrs. Cheers! and soon…. 😉

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