My Travels – Part 5

Well there are only two or three more destinations for me to cover in my little travel series but I thought I’d take a break and talk about cruises I took. Yup that’s right, Star Cruises to be exact. Altogether I think I’ve been at least four times, once on Gemini, once on Leo, twice on Virgo. If you asked me to choose which I liked best, then I would go with Leo because it had it’s own standalone cosy pub with Boddingtons on Tap. *winks*

Why would anyone want to go on a cruise? Well if you asked me before I went on my first one I would have said the same thing, moreover I was so afraid of getting sea sick. The only reason I even tried it to begin with, was because of ‘Love Boat’ the old TV series with Captain Stubing. No! not for the romance bit but it just looked like a whole lot of fun and I was convinced by a few families that the ships are huge and stable enough so that it is very unlikely anyone would get sea sick unless of course there was a storm.

There is actually quite alot you can do on the ship, let me try and recap from memory :-

  • Casinos to Gamble
  • Karaoke Open Concept or Private Rooms
  • A Gym to workout
  • Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Massage & Spa
  • Hair and Nail Salon
  • Hydrotheraphy
  • Library
  • Lounge
  • Night Club Dance Floor for Seniors
  • Dance Floor For Young Adults and Teens
  • Child Care
  • Arcade Room
  • Table Tennis, Shuffle Board or Giant Chess Game
  • Cinema
  • Theatre For Live Shows

And the food! The buffet spreads are good and free! And one or two of the restaurants which may require a little reservation are free too. Of course there other restaurants which are not free, like the Japanese, Indian and French Fine dining ones. And Yes there is also a 24hr one available, and Yes again you have to pay *grins* Oops almost forgot they even have an ice-cream parlour….talk about cool! erm….cold? okiez..corny I know…ha ha

Speaking from experience of my last cruise trip I would say I tried almost everything on board except for shuffle board, hydrotheraphy, and the hair and nail salon. Truth be told…..hmmm always wanted to use that line *chuckles* anyhow I don’t really like to gamble! Because I don’t like to lose and besides I don’t have much money to lose anyhow. But yes I tried my hand at a few tables of Black Jack and the rest of the card games. The Slot machines, and ovearall I won about $200 and decided to stop while I was ahead. At the end of the cruise I was the only winner in our group…hee hee

Any other interesting stories? Well….hmmmm *ponders over sharing* What the heck! for one, my partner had a massage done in the early afternoon and didn’t think to ask or include me and since it was by appointment only they had no more available slots in the day. So after she came back from her massage all refreshed, she highly recommended I had one. They were after all professionals and even spotted those Doctor-like overcoats. She called and made an apppointment for me at 11:55pm! Yup I was shocked too, but that was the only slot available. So I went it, took of my tee but left my shorts on and lay down waiting. In came a petite thai girl with her overcoat and tells me to take off everything, well I didn’t think any of it as it is quite standard in most massage parlors I reckoned. The massage started out pretty good but then it got really funny….literally I mean…you see I am a big enough guy and so when this petite girl was trying to stretch me out by pulling my arms back as far as they would go, I pulled back and she fell on top of me…hee hee. She laughed too, and then it started………I mean the sensuous massage. My jaw dropped when she asked me if I wanted sex? And before I could answer she already started undressing, so I told her I didn’t have any money on me. She told me that I had a trustworthy face and that I could pay her later, I then quickly told her that perhaps another time as I was in a rush to meet my wife who was waiting outside! ( it was a lie of course…I mean the wife waiting outside bit ) She looked disappointed but said okay and that she could actually do a room massage service if I was ever interested. Out of curiosity I asked her how much I would have had to pay? She meekly said $200US, smiled and said she would have been okay with $100US even if I didn’t bargain. Gees! and to think I never needed to pay for sex before…..ha ha. Oh almost forgot…It was a little difficult trying to explain the lipstick mark on my left shoulder, which must have happened when she fell on top of me. 😮

On another occasion, well I suppose I should have started with this one instead since it’s not that hot a story. After a Karaoke session, I was walked past this beautiful drop dead gorgeous blonde bombshell and she gave me such a sweet smile I almost swooned, okay I’m exaggerating about the swooning part. But I did head straight to the Gents thereafter….NO! it’s not what you think! I merely wanted to check my face to see if there was some kind of dirt or food remnants that caused her to smile at me *blush* Then later the next evening I saw her on stage topless during one of the live girly cabaret shows! Talk about coincidence!

The only two stopovers I remember doing was a mad rushed…Phuket one as we arrived late in the evening with only a few hours to spare. And the other a Langkawi one, which was more leisurely that I actually had a chance to go snorkelling! 🙂

You Needed Me – Anne Murray

Thanks for reminding me of this old song…’s been so long since I’ve heard it *hugs* and NO it is not true, I rarely place anyone on a pedestal! I’m not that magnanimous hee hee

You Needed Me 

I cried a tear
You wiped it dry
I was confused
You cleared my mind
I sold my soul
You bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me.

You gave me strength

To stand alone again
To face the world
Out on my own again
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me
You needed me

And I can’t believe it’s you I can’t believe it’s true
I needed you and you were there
And I’ll never leave, why should I leave
I’d be a fool
‘Cause I’ve finally found someone who really cares

You held my hand
When it was cold
When I was lost
You took me home
You gave me hope
When I was at the end
And turned my lies
Back into truth again
You even called me friend

Repeat Chorus

You needed me
You needed me