Virtual Hugs


In this busy day and age it is somewhat refreshing to know, that people from all walks of life have found innovative ways to connect and reach out to others.  One such wonderful way is through sending one another virtual hugs.  Of course it pales in comparison to a real nice warm, tender hug but the feeling or message it conveys is the same.  And that is that you are cared for, ‘you are in my thoughts’, ‘I want you to feel better’ or even loved.

Do people actually believe in it? or even feel it? Well I can safely say Yes! And I know quite a number of people who do and it has made a difference in their lives.  Some of them would not even bother to return a virtual hug if they were not in the mood, because they do take it that seriously.

That being said if you have an aversion to touch, even virtual hugs may put you off.  Some even cringe when offered virtual hugs from people whom they say make their skin crawl…hee hee  Hey! that just goes to show you that even virtual hugs have to come from people who are genuinely nice and sincere about them.

Oh and if you are wondering how to go about it? Well the simplest way is typing *huggies* or *hugs* etc. and sending it out to your recipient by SMS, Email, MSN or even in a forum.

Alright for those who know my mobile phone number, here is my offer…..if ever you’re feeling down etc. and all you want is a virtual hug, just Sms me the message ‘I need want’ and I will respond with a hug guranteed! hee hee  And if you just feel like sending me one, I’ll be more than happy to receive them. *grins*

Here’s one for all of you out there *Bear Huggies*