Company Bowling Tourney

*Dances a Jig* Woo Hoo!…..I’m so happy! It had been almost two years since I last bowled and was hoping that I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much. At the end of the three games I was relieved that I managed to get decent enough scores…..Yay!

Date : 29 June 07

Venue : Kim Seng Bowl

Time : 1900hrs-2130hrs




JT are my initials


I had to participate as I was roped in to be one of the organisers, anyhow next major event will be the company offsite….Yikes! That’s going to be a real headache, imagine the logistics on that one….

6 Responses

  1. Wow, ur scores are considered ok since you never bowled for 2 yrs!!

  2. Thank you Ivy, so went are going bowling? ha ha

  3. I have not bowled since…. 8 yrs ago!!
    I bowled regularly at Kallang Bowl long ago..hehe…
    Now…sigh………wonder can my scores hit 100,haha…

  4. Sheesh I meant when? earlier…anyhow we can arrange one just for fun and laughter, no pressure what so ever…and my games are actually more like the stock exchange don’t know why this time round is was more consistent. 😉

  5. Hey Julian, you are good. When do you want to have a game with me? 🙂 Ermmm, my games are lousy…

  6. Really Liz, I have had bad days…who knows you may see one of them when we meet up to bowl *chuckles* 😉

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