Floating on the sea of melancholy,

I gaze upon a starlit night of hope,

Gentle winds blow away mine eyes folly,

Calm waters wrapped around like a warm robe,


Slowly I see heavens pathway appear,

Glowing amber to my absolution,

My mind’s at peace; Gone are feelings of fear,

With God’s grace I shall have my redemption,


Light shines through my soul as freedom beckons,

I hear the songs of birds proclaim my joy,

Shadows cast aside in pretty patterns,

Reborn with the heart of a baby boy,


May I never falter again with woe!

Prithee dear mother guide me as I go.

Julian Tan


2 Responses

  1. *chuckles at how ‘why i cannot have a tattoo done’ is still top read*

  2. Tatoos fascinates people I guess 😉 *hugs*

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