Cezanne’s “Le Montagne St.Victoire” & Van Gogh’s “Portrait of Dr. Gachet”

Cezanne’s “Le Montagne St.Victoire,” an acknowledged masterpiece depicting a landmark promontory visible from most parts of Provence, the artist’s native region. It is one of the stars of a sale of Impressionist masterworks from the collection of Heinz Berggruen, considered one of the finest in the world.


“La Montagne Sainte-Victoire,” Paul Cezanne, $38,502,500

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting depicts Doctor Paul Gachet with a foxglove plant. Gachet took care of van Gogh during the artist’s last months. Gachet was a hobby painter and became good friends with van Gogh. The foxglove in the painting is a plant from which digitalis is extracted for the treatment of certain heart complaints; the foxglove is thereby an attribute of Gachet as a doctor.


Japanese businessman Ryoei Saito paid US$82.5 million

8 Responses

  1. As a bridge between 19th century Impressionism and 20th century Cubism, Cezanne is one of my favourite Post-impressionist painters! I especially love _The Abduction_ and _Les Grandes Baigneuses_.

    Another French painter that inspires me is Georges Braque. I loved his paintings depicting instruments. Just my two cents. 😉

  2. The abduction in my opinion is a very ‘dark’ picture and looking at it makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps the artist meant for it to stir up that kind of feeling. As Les Grandes Baigneuses well….it would appeal to most straight man no? *chuckles*

    As for Georges Braque, I like his choice of colours for Le Viaduct de L’Estaque 1907

  3. o.k. o.k. stop with the artsy fartsy stuff!!! Well la di da….give me a paint brush, I also want to make 82mil!! But guess I got to die first right?

  4. Honestly?…It’s either you have the gift or your don’t…and no guesses whether you have what it takes..well not when it comes to painting anyways…hee hee

  5. I’ll have you know, you got the gift of writing…well I…emm got the gift of art…(well at least better than you) *tongue sticking out* 🙂

  6. Let me know when you’re art piece sells for a mill, then we can celebrate in style..ha ha 😀

  7. Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, the depiction of Doctor Paul Gachet, is definitely one of my faves.

    Have always preferred him to Cezanne, but thats just my opinion. His colours and style is bolder and more imaginative, particularly in his later paintings, post Potato eaters.

    • Well Tom, I’m just glad that such extraordinary artists have left behind such magnificent masterpieces for us to behold in awe. 😉

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