My Travels Part 7

Well this will be the last installment of the ‘My Travels’ Series……erm till I travel again that is…but it will be a long while before I do I reckon.

Anyhow the travel destination this time was Good Ole Thailand! The Land Of Smiles….well the Diamond Cliff Resort and Spa in Phuket definitely put a smile on my face. Oh and if you’re wondering.. this was before the Tsunami.

Well at the very start after we presented our Hotel voucher, we were invited to sit in the lounge area and was served a nice tropical cocktail while we waited for our keys and for our luggage to be carried over…certainly a WOW! for us. Talk about service! made you feel princely straightaway.


Below is a pic of the bedroom and dining table…….ahhhh


And a pic of the bathroom where I had a nice bubble bath looking out at the sea….


Actually there is one other photo showing a very..very nice toilet but I’m skipping that! Instead this is our view of the pool area…..


Here is a pic of the Spa….


We just had to try the spa even though it costs quite a fair bit, and Yes! it was a real treat.

Prior to having our massages, we were given some light refreshments and left to soak in a nice man-made hot spring. It was very nicely decorated with scented candles all around and there was even a small cascading waterfall. Then came the oil massage, well it was just okay for me as I remembered my calfs hurt like hell after. Too much pressure I guess….

The massage I really enjoyed was at one of the massage villas only assessable by Tuk-Tuk. It was fabulous and costs about less then a quarter of the price I paid for the Spa one but of course minus the frills.

Shopping was great, I bought over $350 worth of Thai Silk Office shirts from Robinsons and a few other odds and ends. The Thai Food was fantastic…..erm wait a minute…in Thailand it’s just food ha ha! Tom Yum Goong! Rules!

Also it pays to be friendly with the Tuk Tuk driver as we manage to eat at a restaurant frequented by only the locals and by the looks of the crowd it was the mid to upper class ones. The food was simply marvelicious!

Overall I had great fun there………

On another trip, I went to Bangkok with a group of colleagues. There isn’t much to say about Bangkok that hasn’t already been said by so many others except that it was FUN! FUN! FUN!

Oops forgot to mention why?….Well it’s because we went during the Songkran Festival. You should have been there to see how much fun we had. It was hilarious to see grown men trying ever so hard to avoid getting soaked or having their face and body powdered. And Yes! I’m talking about us as a group *chuckles* Of course I was no exception, I’ll never forget getting a steady stream of water in my face. I was about to glare at one of my colleagues when I saw it was a drop dead gorgeous babe using her ‘Super Soaker’ Water Gun on me. I am not exagerrating, she was Super Model-like in figure and in looks! And she was giggling hysterically in her soaked translucent white tee and shorts. I must have had a goofy look or something because her beefy boyfriend laughed along with her. I do remember asking her where they were from but was too smitten to hear the answer. Anyhow we wished them well and walked on but I couldn’t resist a last look…so I turned and when she caught my eye, vouchsafed a demure smile. Electrifying I tell ya!

Well the next day it was shopping and more shopping….and if you haven’t figured it out by now… Men love to shop too! Just in different departments…..hee hee

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  2. Your time will come sweets… 😉

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