My Bird Brain

Ha ha just typing up the title got me laughing! Well basically after two consecutive nights of partying that is actually what I feel I ended up with….catch my drift? Night one was with Josh, where the both of us finished four jugs of beer, 3 shots of Sambuca each, and one jug of Bourbon coke lest I lost count. After that we ended up dancing with anyone in sight heh heh! All in the spirit of good clean fun!

The following night was with great group of 30s folks from Stomp, well I actually behaved and only had two large mugs of Hoegaarden and a bottle of Victoria Bitter. Below is a pic of me holding up an extinguisher, to help with the tiny candle that the birthday girl Eileen had to blow out.




Well today I brought the kids to the Jurong Birdpark again…it was nice to see that they refurnished the place a bit. This time round we all decided on what was our personal favourite bird.

Kenan’s Favourite : The Rhinocerous Hornbill


Seth’s Favourite : The Turkey Vulture


My All Time Favourite : The Toco Toucan


3 Responses

  1. hello…. saw the 30s photo at Jing’s blog.. U lose weight? hehehe..

  2. If I’s a nice surprise ha ha *hugs* 😉

  3. *takes a bow*…hee hee 😀

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