Company Offsite Bintan Lagoon Resort 4 Aug

*sings* Zippity do dah Zippity eh! My oh my what a glorious day! Plenty of Sunshine, plenty of play…Zippity do dah Zippity eh!


Earlier that morning, we gathered at Tanah Merah Ferry terminal where we set off in two batches. One at 0805hrs whilst the majority at 0905hrs, the journey time was approximately 50mins. When we arrived at Bintan and after clearing customs we boarded our coach which brought us to our resort. Oops almost forgot….Kelvin and I got a bottle of Vodka and six cans of beer at the Duty Free Shop for later in the night and it only costs $17++ between us.

Our rooms were not ready, so we left our belongings in a locked board room and had about two hours to kill before lunch. A few of us guys headed to the lounge where we threw back a couple of nice cold draft beers and listened to some boy band music. ( the music was not by choice hee hee ) What a way to start the day woo hoo! Some of the rest did a little exploring, whilst the others did a little window shopping.


My Lunch

Lunch was a tantalizing buffet spread spoilt for choice. After that hearty lunch we were looking forward to check in, unfortunately our rooms were still not ready. And as we were on a tight schedule, we had to take what we needed from the board room got changed and proceeded to the activity hall. There we had a few fun ice-breaker games before we were split into eight teams. Four teams headed to the beach for the program, while the other four took a bus to another activity centre for theirs. Later in the day we would swop programs.


My Teammates


My team started with the beach program, where all three of the activities consisted of team building strategies. One was on clearing obstacles while the other had a little more planning to be done before executing and accomplishing the objective. The last activity on the beach was the most fun for me, as I got to ride an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), while my team mates rode in a dune buggy and together we did circuits trying to complete our objective in the time allocated. After all the four teams completed the program, we boarded the bus for our next phase of the program.


An Obstacle course


Teambuilding Strategy




Dune Buggy


On the Circuit


There at the activity centre, we had a go at Archery but instead of those circular targets, we were given purple balloons laid on the grass. Then we moved on to a mini air-rifle range where we had to hit ten targets after which we could fire at leisure. The last bit was the most enjoyable and tiring….It was a paintball session! We were provided with overalls,helmets, face masks,goggles and the compressed air guns. The objective was to capture the opponents flag again in the allocated time given. I actually got to experience what it must have felt like on the Omaha beachhead assault as depicted in ‘Saving Private Ryan’….if it was a real life war situation I would have been shot dead in a matter of seconds sheesh! However as it was just a game, I could just get up by raising my hand then head on to the reset point and continue. In the end our team effort paid off and we captured the flag. After all the teams had completed their run, we were slightly behind schedule and had to quickly board the bus back to our resort where we had a balance of approximately 20mins to check in to our rooms, shower and head on to dinner.




Air Rifle


PaintBall Test Fire



Our Room


Dinner was a Barbecue buffet by the beach, with nicely decorated tables and chairs on the sand facing a huge movie screen. It was there so we could watch ourselves performing the teambuilding activites captured on video throughout the day later that evening. Music was good, current and the volume just right. The spread again was delicious….just have a look at the menu below.


Then the Top 3 prizes were given out to the teams with the most points. My team managed third place, but it wouldn’t have mattered if we didn’t win at all cos we all had such great fun! We were all then given a folder each with a Certificate of participation and a link to the website where we could download all the photos taken throughout the day. The catch was that inside the folder you got, was not in your name. We had to find and present the folder to the actual recipient, congratulate and give him/her a hug. What fun!

The night was still young so a few of us decided to go for a Karaoke session. On the way there, we passed by a lounge where there was a live band. The songs they were playing were good but a bit too loud for our liking, so we decided to proceed with our initial plan. We then had to decide if we wanted to sing in the open or in a private room. We chose the latter for 2hours. All I will say is that I have haunting flashbacks of that session…….We then went outside and saw some of our other colleagues singing. We decided to join in and had a ball of a time. Even the waitresses started dancing and singing with us! One of the guys who had been there much earlier told us that the party only started when we arrived and that thanks to us he had a wonderful time ha ha!


The next morning we had a wonderful buffet breakfast before making our way back home again in batches. I think everyone had such a wonderful and memorable experience! This was extracted from an email by one of the Heads.

Hope all of you had good fun, good interaction with your colleagues, good exercise, good makan and good rest at the offsite. I did…. and must say that this is the BEST EVER offsite that we had!!! You were just fantastic, participative, cooperative and really let loose (I heard some guys jogget with the waitresses at the disco?!!…. Really network…..)

I will let our photograher send out the photos and commentaries to all of you….. must not steal the thunder away from Steven:)…Poor guy, work from morning till night, did not even have a proper dinner! Steven, we owe you one.

VOE champions – well done and thank you very much for all your hardwork, hard negotiations with the vendor, and enthusiasm.”

And thank you all that took the time to join us over the weekend.”

8 Responses

  1. gosh! that was fun!

  2. Hey Sweetie! Hope you had fun too and HAPPY Birthday! *bear huggies* 😉

  3. thanks!!

    and i see u added pictures! nice!

  4. wow… i bet u had a wonderful time!! the games, the girls..the food hehehe

  5. Kate : Well I just got round to downloading them last night. Thanks sweets! *winks*

  6. Eileen: Right on! Erm but I don’t need girls to have fun *blinks* ha ha!

  7. Didn’t have my lunch…looking at your food with mouth watering……azzzzz

    Company meeting my ass…while we are slogging away…you guys having whale of a time…..azzz (miss grouch)

    But must say it looked really cool! Glad you had fun!!!

  8. Well it was Super & Therapeutic for me..thanks

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