Dinner With Ex Secondary Schoolmates

7 Aug 07 – 1915hrs

Still together after close to 25 years! It’s always fun when we meetup, this time round it was for dinner at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine at Raffles City. Wonder what happened to the rest of they guys…literally? Oh and a few girls too couldn’t make it. Must have been due to the third change in date and venue. Anyhow nine ladies showed up and little ole moi.

Forgot to take pics of the food, but the presentation was equally as good as it tasted.

I must say the girls have aged well…..they look fabulous and all are doing great! 🙂

Updated with pics …though I missed out on taking two of them who came late…




4 Responses

  1. Aiyo Shelly and what’s the other girls name still look the same! Can ask what water they drinking?

  2. The secret is simple, healthy living with a zest for living life to the fullest 😉

  3. wow..they look nice..for ladies of that age!!

    *crosses fingers* hope i look even better at that age..not too far away now!!! faint

  4. Well you may want to change tweak your lifestyle a bit and you’ll be fine… cheers!

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