Buffet Lunch At Park Royal Hotel

*burp* erm…excuse me….That’s it! enough buffets for me…*sighs* there goes my ‘challenge’ it just set me back another few months! Anyhow the spread was good, and the food tasted great! I didn’t take that many photos, after all it’s not like this is a food blog hee hee Oh and if you’re wondering, Park Royal was formerly known as the Plaza Hotel at beach road.


Plaza Brallerie


Generous serving of Shashimi & Swordfish


Oxtail Stew & Ceasar Salad

Like I mentioned earlier I didn’t take that many photos, besides the spread was just too amazingly large. Moving on now to the kids favourite part….Dessert!


Seth at the chocolate fountain


Kenan at the chocolate fountain


Kenan and his chocolate covered mashmellows


Seth with his chocolate and vanilla ice cream


Kenan with his Strawberry & Vanilla ice cream


My chocolate covered strawberries


Kenan enjoying a creme brulee

Well after that hearty lunch we headed down to Viviocity for a little shopping. And just before we returned home, we headed down to harbourfront where I had my favourite ‘tea’ break! ha ha










6 Responses

  1. Mmmmmmm… “Teeeeaaaaa….” LOL

  2. Yummmmmmm Seeeeeeng! 😀

  3. ooh..yummy food..

    and your kids are ever so adorable!

  4. Thank you madame..*hugs* 🙂

  5. when is the family going?

  6. When mom can walk? *scratch brow*

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