Tending To My Flowerbed

Well it’s been a while and I see the weeds have grown high and ugly. It’s time to remove the weeds, plant fresh and gay flowers and turn the withered ones into pourporri. It was also a horrid idea to place artificial ones together as there was is no aesthetic value whatsoever.

From this day forth my flowerbed will be a sight to behold! Woo hoo!





Ha ha…I see some of you scratching your heads, well for those who got it in an instant…YES! I am speaking metaphorically. 😉

4 Responses

  1. was wondering which corner of your apartment you were hiding this. LOL

  2. *sings* The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…blowing in the wind.. *chuckles*

  3. ahhhh… Bob Dylan really keeps you guessing on this one doesn’t he..

  4. Who cares what Bob thinks or wants us to think….ha ha 😀

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