Random Thoughts V0.5

  • There is a difference between having a dream, chasing a dream and working towards making a dream come true…..

  • If you cannot be honest with others, can you still be honest with yourself?

  • Do you paint because you love to paint or do you paint because you love for your paintings to be sold? Do you dance because you love to dance? or do you dance because you love to perform for an audience?

  • Some people lament or whine when they see their dreams slipping away….Well boo f_ing hoo! Did they expect everything to fall nicely onto their laps without doing the work?!

  • Some people wear masks because they are afraid others will find them hideous in their true form, and right they are! If their heart is not pure!

  • I forgive those who seek forgiveness because they are remorseful and for those who are not! I forgive anyway but they are easily forgotten over time.

  • Just because I choose not to see your faults, does not make me blind to them. Be thankful……

  • When I was young, I belived in Santa Claus! When I grew older, I belived in Soulmates! The problem lies in the believing….ha ha


2 Responses

  1. Saw a book cover that read “Who are you when nobody is looking?” Didn’t buy the book but thought the title was great…very thought provoking

  2. For Josh it would be “What are you doing when nobody is looking?” muhahaha! 😀

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