Zoo Revisited 19 Aug 07

So what’s new? Well quite a fair bit really……I mean I was plesantly surprised when I made the trip today. If you thought the Australian Outback Exhibit, Komodo Dragons or even the White Tiger ones were relatively new, well guess again. They’ve been around for quite some time now. They have a new Sun Bear exhibit! Well I must say that for this one, it is long overdue as it was the only one that remain unchanged since the zoo first open it’s doors. Then they have a boardwalk (bridge-like walk) up where you could get up close and personal with the free-ranging Orang Utans. Also a new Sumatran Orang Utan Exhibit that looks like a native hut. And they have refurnished the Crocodile enclosure/exhibit and is now known as Sungei Buaya!

Here are a few random pics I took today…..


Under the boardwalk…….


Sumatran Orang Utan Exhibit


Monkey see…Monkey Do!


Giddy Up! Let’s Go!


Look Ma! I’ve tamed this one…..


Yodelay Hee Hoo!……Crocy Rules!


*Sunglasses On* Yellow Submarine?


Next Stop…..chow time!


Horned Lizard aka Rhinocerous Iguana


Now if the kids would stop asking where I store the ink!


I’ve had it! It’s Pelican! not Pelikan!


Sun Bear!…..is there a moon bear?


Surfs Up!


Mangrove Snake


Check out my antlers!


So what if I’m short and fat!? People pay to see me! What bout you?

10 Responses

  1. awwww! u made me wanna visit the zoo again 😛

    i should be going to the nite safari soon! my first time haahaha

  2. Well I’m sure you’ll enjoy the shows at the night safari! ha ha 😉 Oh and if your planning to go to the zoo, 0830hrs in the morning is the best time. The animals are fresh and it’s still cool….

  3. hey bro!!

  4. was looking forward to the reptile kingdom (or something) – to get freaked out by them snakes. eek!!

    onli to find out that i’d need to go to the reptile farm. bah!

  5. Hey Neil! 😉

    Kate : Well they have quite an extensive collection of snakes on display behind glass panels. Only a select handful are brought out to the public to handle and are supervised by the ‘Rovers’. We once had an exciting encounter with a spitting cobra, it was hyperactive that day! And even behind the glass panels was intimidating. Imagine all that Venom spewing onto the glass panel itself! :eek

  6. orh… me wanted to scream… haha..

  7. Cute captions! I can see the zoo has changed a lot since I last visited years ago.

  8. Kate: Just tell me when?…The pleasure will be all mine! *blinks* ha ha

    Kris: Well go early in the morning, it’s cooler…and you’ll be amazed at how much it’s changed. 🙂

  9. erm… erm…


  10. Patience sweetie…don’t start soooo early…all in good time…*blinks*

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