Operation Red Fish

Date : 21 Aug 2007

Time Set Off: 1218hrs

Target Location: Citisquare JB

Mission : To Buy Back Cheap & Good Fish Head Curry For Mom (Dinner)

Well it was also a great excuse to try out my new Biometric Passport and Woo Hoo! it was a great experience! It took me only approximately 15seconds to clear customs, while the rest of the folks who got off the same bus had to queue and be cleared manually. All I had to do was to scan the chip part (picture face down) in the slot with a monitor. When that part was successful the automatic doors parted for you to head on to the second part. This was where my thumbprint was checked and again automatic doors parted and that was it! Great eh?

Well as it was still early we decided to have some Bak Kut Teh served in a claypot and mixed with liver etc. for lunch at a coffee shop nearby Citisquare. It was fantastic! but I forgot to take pics, anyhow the bill came up to 28RM inclusive of two ice-lemon teas.

Before window shopping I decided to place an order for the fish head curry and other stuff. The bill came up to RM63.00 here is what I ordered….

  • Medium Fish Head $34
  • Sambal Sotong $10
  • Mutton Rendang $10
  • Fried Fish Roes $7
  • Cabbage $2


Restaurant Hameed’s


Well after 2hrs of shopping it was tea time or rather it was time for coffee and cake, so we headed on to one of our favourite places which has highly confidential ingredients in their cakes *chuckles*




Chocolate Banana



Oreo Cheesecake



Blueberry Cheesecake



Unclassified Damages


Well then it was time to head on home, and along the way we saw a motorcycle parking lot. Boy I’ve never seen so many in one location before! Anyhow below are also the pics of the food we bought back. Mission Completed!



Motorcycle Parking Lot



Curry Fish Head



See Food List above



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