Personal Effectiveness Course Day1

Wow I really got to get myself back in shape! Sheesh I’m pooped! Funny how I’ve attended my fair share of courses in my life and somehow though I am enriched by them. The course structures always gets forgotten after a while. The principal outlines of course are still remembered or some are even imprinted in my mind. Perhaps that is why we need to constantly attend courses, either to refresh or re-equip ourselves with new or updated information/knowledge. Today, I learnt something outside of the course structure and contents. And that is as one ages, it gets tougher to come out of one’s comfort zone.

This is one course where they will not force you, but you are encouraged to complete at least one of the high element courses. They start you off with all the low elements ones first to build up your confidence then after lunch the high element ones come to play.

I wanted to try all the high element courses they had available, but I needed to try the swinging vines one as it was the toughest. Well I got all I wished for……..the last one I only managed to complete three quarters of it due to a rope burn *sighs*

Overall I had fun……..just tired mun! Below are two pics to give you an idea of what I did today. I went through a total of four different ones……



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