Company Dinner & Dance

Shucks! If only I could have stayed on till the end but unfortunately I was rostered to do the night shift. Had a great time with great food and free flow of alcohol! All at the Shangrila Hotel Singapore! Woo Hoo! And I really don’t know how it happened, but I ended up with quite a few photos taken. ( Really felt like a Camwhore..hee hee)

But of all the photos taken, I’m so happy with one particular one as I was able to pose with one of our local celebrities. She was even a nominated MP once upon a time. ( Gees! I guess by now some of you already know who it is….) Anyhow all the pics were done by a team of photographers and uploaded wirelessly to a PC where they printed it out there and then and gave it out to you for keepsakes. Impressive yes? Oh and if you were wondering…..different sectors were asked to dress up to different themes. There was the Oriental Theme which I was part of, then there was the Retro/Musical Theme, the Medieval/Fairy Tale Theme, the Country Western Theme and finally the Action/Sci-Fi Theme.

*sighs* It would have been fun to watch everyone on the dance floor!











6 Responses

  1. Eurasian yah? haahhha 😛

    Did you win any prizes?

  2. Erm…who me? ha ha :p

    Unfortunately no…*sighs*…cash would have been good…*blinks*

  3. hahaahah.. you look like the “God of Fortune” 财神爷!! hehehehe 😛

  4. Hmmm…you say that, like it’s a bad thing.. 😉

  5. You’ve got loads of good looking girls as collegues…how do you stay focus????

    What happen to the good looking guys???? (not including yourself of course)

  6. Easy! Looks don’t hold my attention it’s the heart…that being said Eunice is really great and boy she is so humble in person!

    And why would I be taking pictures with the good looking guys? ha ha 😀

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