Flush Alwayz

Sounds so much like the animated cartoon movie? Well it could have been the sequel i.e. if you saw me in action today ha ha! You see I was wondering how my Water Bill got to be so high! Even if we were to wash our clothes everyday it still wouldn’t make sense that it would add up to almost a hundred dollars a month just for water. Then I discovered that the ball-cock mechanism ( stop smiling!) in the flushing system was not working properly. Hence water was overflowing into the bowl, and you wouldn’t even have noticed unless you were looking for flaws.


Old Flush System – Black Ball Cock Mechanism


Another view of the old system

So I decided to put on my handyman costume and fix it on my own! So I headed on to the local handy fix store and bought me the parts. Cost me a total of $47.00 after discount, which then got me to thinking how much it would have cost me to get a plumber!


Flush Mechanism & a different kind of Ball cock mechanism


Actual cost


Well I really struggled to remove the old system as everything was screwed on pretty tight! Moreover one of the plastic screw threads was worn, so I had to literally pry it off. Then it dawned on me that it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be! I had to remove the whole porcelain container before I would be able to install the new system and it was screwed on to the wall! Yikes!



Whew! Finally!


One Back-breaking hour later I removed everything that was required to be removed. Fixed in the new system and had to check and fix any leaks I could find. The whole process that is, to dismantle, re-install, check and fix the leaks took me approximately two hours! But what satisfaction it is to see the end result!



New and improved!


Shiny new flush button!


And NO! I will not be available to install new ones for you, get a plumber! hee hee