Grazie Lunchie

Some bosses can be awfully sweet when they want to be….hee hee Today the organising committee was given a lunch treat at Zambuca in the Pan Pacific Hotel.



Damn…should have taken my time in taking this photo of the menu…


Yummylicious Roasted Lamb…was my choice


I still think this was a brownie…but my colleagues think otherwise..

Didn’t take pictures of the soup, salad and coffee as it was quite standard….but I must say the salami gave the salad and added oomph!

Not that the boss will ever read this blog….but GRAZIE!….oh and for the language impaired it means THANK YOU in italian…*chuckles*

8 Responses

  1. the last time my team had a “grazie” anything was in early 2005. sigh.. lucky you.

  2. Don’t want to be a doomsday messenger but this could be the lull before a storm ha ha…Think I’ll just stick to saying Thank You… 😀

  3. S$28 very resonable…hey who’s gonna “Grazie” me???

  4. Wah! reasonable ah…for me I will only eat there on a special occasion….I’d rather eat at a Kopitiam, can even packet food for dinner and breakfast some more…ha ha

  5. Maybe we should open a sheesha bar which serves tapas and alcohol.. off-tangent i know, but it just popped into my head so it took precedence over what I was originally gonna say. 😛

  6. Apart from the fact that we’re both paupers…it’s a great idea/dream. Hmmmm got to start buying Toto liaoz…ha ha 😀

  7. Well in the mean time, what say we meet for beers one of these days to dicuss the possibilites? It’s been a while since we sang “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life….”. (sorry for hijacking your topic)

  8. no worries mate! I will never say no to a beer lest I turn alcoholic or am dead hee hee And I’m fine with communication on this blog…anywhere and anytime! 😉

    Cheers! Salute! Kampai! Yum Seng! Toast! and many others…*chuckles*

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