Blogreaders I Salute & Thank You!

My first post was on 28 Jan of this year, and though it’s only been nine months it somehow feels like a lifetime. ( Pregnancy of sorts? ha ha) I suppose in a way it is, because it contains my experiences, thoughts etc etc. Anyhow I just wanted to drop a note to say Thank YOU my blogreaders which primarily are my family & friends, new and old. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments, they really spice up my blog entries. Hope you’ve enjoyed your visits as much as I have……erm I mean having you visit hee hee

And YES, I plan to continue blogging…….. 😉


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8 Responses

  1. errr how do I redeem my coupon? Tried inserting into this box, but can’t lei…

    9 months….you are pro bro….

  2. First and foremost, redemption can be made from a participating human….read the fine print…hee hee

    For me No Coupon is required, all you have to do is approximately four feet away from me while walking towards me….extend your arms and a bear hug is guaranteed! 😉

    By the way…what do you mean by pro ah?

  3. *hands coupon to Julian*

    one hug pls!!


  4. does the coupon apply to virtual hugs? 😳

  5. Elieen : Till we meet again…*big bear huggies*

  6. Kris: YAY! I like the new Kris…cos once upon a time I remember you had an aversion to touch even virtual ones…. *Squishy bear huggies* 😉

  7. pro at blogging

  8. *blush* thanks…but not sure how one reaches pro status when there is no money involved? ha ha 😆

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