Dress To Be Served Better?

Well it could be the reason why I managed to get a great deal in my opinion or was it simply because it was a different salesgirl that served me?

Well it all started about a month ago when a colleague of mine went and bought himself the Canon Ixus 70 Digital Camera (7.1 megapixel). If memory serves me right he paid $499 for it and was given quite a lot of freebies as part of the Aug Promotion. Anyhow I was very tempted then, but did not want to fork out that kind of money even if I could go for an interest free installment plan. After all I already had a Minolta 5.0 megapixel digital cam which only problems were that I had to constantly charge the four double AA high capacity batteries at it is a real power hog. And it has a slow frame rate, which means I would have to wait more than necessary before I could take the second shot.

But still I had a nagging feeling that I had to upgrade my camera because I do enjoy taking pictures especially of my kids. So I went to the same store two weeks late, in my signature Jeans and Tee and enquired if I could get the same or at least a similar promotion. The salesgirl told me sorry but No! as the promotion was over and that there were new promotions for other brands. Well I just had myself to blame didn’t I?

Then today dressed in my Office attire with a tie and all, I went back to the store to look at their current day promotions. Again there was nothing listed on the Canon camera I was interested in, so I looked at a Nikon and Casio as they had some decent freebies that came with the promotional price.

I stood there approximately ten minutes looking hard at the specs etc. The salesgirl that attended to me the other day was serving a couple buying a high end one. So I approached the cashier to ask if she could help me with the cameras. She apologised that she was clueless and motioned for another salesgirl to assist me.

This salesgirl was great with her product knowledge, and gave me a quick run down on my selections. I told her that I was disappointed that I had missed the promotion my colleague had on the Canon one, of which she replied that she would see what she could do. All I had to do was point out which model I was interested in. So I told her it was the Canon Ixus 70 listed now at $469 without any freebies. She then said that Commex 2007 was giving quite a good promotion on this one but that she would do better! She literally made me an offer I could not refuse!

– FREE 2Gb SD card
– FREE Extra Original Canon Battery
– FREE Digital Original Canon Camera Case
– FREE LCD Screen Protector
– FREE Cleaning Cloth
– FREE Canon Kit Bag
(incl Mini Tripod & Cleaning Kit)

And apart from the standard 15 month Canon warranty, a two year extended store warranty. All at the listed price!

Needless to say I was beaming when I left the store, shopping bag in hand.