I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

This is one hilarious movie, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. If you haven’t watched it….GO NOW! Erm….but you have to be at least 18 to watch it here as it’s rated M18 in Singapore.

Stars include Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Dan Aykroyd, Ving Rhames, Richard Chamberlain, guest appearance by Rob Schneider and a super hot…babelicious Jessica Biel.


By the way have you noticed how Rob Schneider appears in most of Adam Sandler’s Films and vice-versa?

Iron Man 2008

Hmmm I wonder if all the comic book characters from Marvel & DC, of whom I used to read about in my childhood are going to appear in the movies. I was already surprised when DareDevil & Ghost Rider was shown and now Iron Man? What about the Humanfly?

Let’s try and recap what we’ve seen so far…..

  • Superman ( II, III & IV, Returns)
  • Batman, Returns, Forever, & Robin, Begins
  • Hulk (2003), The Incredible Hulk 2008 played by Edward Norton Coming
  • Spiderman ( 2 & 3 )
  • DareDevil
  • Fantastic Four ( Rise of the Silver Surfer)
  • Ghost Rider
  • The Punisher
  • The Phantom
  • Blade ( 2, Trinity)
  • Aeon Flux
  • Cat Woman
  • Constantine
  • Hell Boy
  • Elektra
  • Judge Dredd
  • X Men ( inc. the last stand)
  • Transformers
  • TMNT
  • Swamp Thing
  • Spawn
  • Sin City
  • Indiana Jones

Did I miss anything out?

Right…..now back to Iron Man 2008 which has a star studded cast, Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Hilary Swank, Samuel L Jackson, Terence Howard

Plot Outline :- When Tony Stark is forced to create a life support suit to keep him alive after an accident he decides to use the technology in his suit to fight crime. More…

And if you haven’t already guessed or known………the IRON MAN will be played by…….

Click On Iron Man Pic For Trailer