“How often have you sailed in my dreams. And now you come in my awakening, which is my deeper dream. ”  The Prophet

Paul Gauguin – The Little Dreamer, 1881

Have you dreamt of someone whom you’ve not met in a while? And you awoke feeling warm and wonderful, because you manage to catch up a little and parted with a nice hug? Then in that very morning you bump into him/her on the train or  the coffee shop! Coincidence or a prophetic dream? Such ‘prophetic’ dreams are a rare occurence, but when it does occur or when the the dream becomes a reality.  You are guaranteed a whopper of mixed emotions usually leaning towards the positive.

I very much like lucid dreams, they are the ones I rely on to make big and somewhat difficult decisions.  Often I get to go through the various scenarios in such a dream before committing to any one course of action.  These dreams encompass just about anything, from asking for a raise, practising for a speech, overcome phobias, writer’s block, going on a first date or improving a sports game.  In our dream state we have conditioned our neuronal patterns hence in reality we are already more prepared.

Creative Dreams are another form for me, in which I am able to write stories, poetry etc. some are so Epic-like that I awake with some sort of profound discovery either about myself, others or even the environment.  Again these ones are rare, but they are life changing or even lasting ones that stay with you throughout the years.

Dreaming about the death of oneself or loved ones are not uncommon.  I  do not see such dreams as self fullfilling prophecies.  I view them as a reminder to appreciate the people in these dreams, stay in touch, to forgive or to seek forgiveness.  Dreaming of my own death could be a transitional phase of my life or it could just be an escape from the trials of life.  An indicator for me to start taking a break. 

Our bodies I believe, have ways of communicating to us in dreams. That is even before phyiscal syptoms occur, we might awake the next morning with an urge to see a doctor or dentist.  Such dreams help us avoid potential health problems and perhaps even help us to heal when we are ill.

Everybody dreams, whether you remember or not you do! So sleep tight and pleasant dreams!

4 Responses

  1. lub lub

  2. *huggies huggies*

    i know what u mean …i had such a dream just last week..but no..didn’t bump into that person… thankfully no 😛


  4. Sharkbait : Feeling better today thanks *hugs*

    Eileen : Hmm why thankfully no? *bear hugs*

    Liz : Thank you madame….*huggies*

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