Underdog (2007)

Okay I went to watch it with the kids because it’s Children’s day and I didn’t expect to enjoy it but I did! There is something magical about Disney films….it’s a kids movie that’s for sure! I mean if you actually believe a dog could fly let alone talk then you’ll need stronger medication. So go in the cinema with an open mind….erm scratch that…go in with a child’s heart and you’ll have fun! It’s even hilarious! I enjoyed it!



Foolin’ For Fun

Chicken Little

Dodo Bird Impersonation

Time For Charades

Regular Or French?

Vienna Choir Boys

Big, Strong & Friendly

Superman Returns Once Again…

This could feed a whole village Dad!

Mums the word..

No more games…thanks!

If I concentrate hard enough…one might just drop..

Peeka A Boo!

Damn it’s sooo hot the horse shrank!

Now you’re sure it’s domesticated right?


Brain Freeze!

Full Moon Over Woodlands