Buying A Timepiece


Not many people know this, but for almost two years I was helping a friend sell watches online. I have since stopped altogether but it has given me a wonderful insight into the watch business.  And I can safely say without any reservation that I will almost never buy a watch at a retail store again.  The only place I would ever consider buying a watch is at Mustaffa Centre because they are one of the rare places that do not have exorbitant prices for their watches.   Other than that I will buy my watches online at some of the reputable online merchants.  Why? Because they do not have retail store overheads and so can sell their watches so much cheaper.  I can tell you that it some cases, it can be as much as 1/3 the retail store price……that is just how much more retail shops may price their watches.

I am very grateful to my friend Luke, who had given me the opportunity to learn the trade and to pick up certain skill sets like adjusting the length of the bracelets and the changing of the watch batteries.  Just the other day, my wife had requested for me to change the battery for her Nike watch.  I tried finding the battery CR1620 at Carrefour and elsewhere but could not find it.  I managed to find CR1616 at Boon’s for $3.00 but while the circumference was the same, it was slightly thinner.  So I finally went into a watch shop at Suntec to ask if they had it and they did! But wanted $8.00 for it.  I bought it later at Mustaffa Centre for only $2.00!!

2 Responses

  1. whahahhaha… HI5!

    i am a mustafa shopper too :PpP

    love going there in the wee much fun

  2. *hi five* What you doing up so early in the morning? *blinks*

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