Kiddie Rides Yee Har!

As parents when you see Carnival Rides, the list of things that would probably go through your mind is….

  1. How much is it going to cost me this time?
  2. Are the rides properly maintained?
  3. Are they safe?
  4. Are they clean?
  5. How long are we prepared to spend here?

As kids it’s simple….what shall I go on first? Woo! Hoo!

Well when you see their faces light up……everything else no longer really matters ( erm..that is after you see that the other kids are safe and having fun *blinks*)

Safety checked!

All systems go!

T-minus 5 Seconds…4…..3…..2……1

Blast off!……ahhhhhhhhh!

Landed Safely in this foreign Land of Colours!

We come in Peace…..nanu! nanu!

I think I’ll be staying a while…

New found friend…

2 Responses

  1. imagines julian in the helicopter ride hhahha

  2. Now imagine me jumping out of that helicopter and rappeling down to save you…..*chuckles*

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