Cruise To Penang & Phuket 20th-24th Oct

Well it was a short albeit sweet break and most definitely one for the book of memories!

We made our way to Harbour Front on the 20th at 2pm and exchanged our passports for Boarding passes. As we boarded the Superstar Virgo, there was that familiar Photo opportunity where they would snap our photos with the Cruise Dancers to be purchased later if we liked. Seth actually put his hand up and told the photographer ‘No need’ ‘No Need’ I’ve already got enough of such photos and walked past them. *beaming smile*

After loading the luggage in our rooms, we made our way to the ‘Pavillion Restaurant’ for a five course Chinese Lunch. By the way you can dine in three fare-inclusive restaurants (Bella Vista, Pavilion and Mediterranean Buffet/Terrace), which serve western, international and Chinese cuisine. These restaurants offer excellent dishes and are extremely well patronised, highly efficient and courteously staffed. However, if you wish, you’ve got the option to pay-as-you-dine in the casual 24-hour Blue Lagoon Asian bistro, the family-oriented Noble House Chinese restaurant, the plush Palazzo Italian restaurant, the Japanese Samurai restaurant, the easy-going Indian The Taj and the International Taverna.

The Ship set off at approximately 5pm and as it was still quite early, the kids had air-tattoos done and played some games at the Kiddie Centre. I on the other hand made my way to ‘Out Of Africa’ Karaoke and Pub to have some VB. We met later at the ‘Mediterranean’ for a Buffet Dinner. Madame asked if I wanted to watch ‘Passion’ a Vegas Styled Topless Show priced at only $20 a ticket, I simply told her that I had seen enough ‘tits’ to last me a lifetime and perhaps they should pay me instead to review their ‘assets’ *guffaws*

As for the rest, I’ve decided not to delve into the nitty gritty details of all the Cruise had to offer or what I did on board and let whatever pictures I took do the talking. However I would mention that we chose the optional excursion shopping tours, so in Penang they first brought us to the newly opened Queensbay Mall currently the largest there. ( Alot like Ngee Ann City but wayyy smaller) Then we were brought to Komtar and a connecting Prangin Mall. ( Similar to Lucky Plaza ) Finally it was Tean Ean Local Product Centre where you could find local spices, nutmeg oils, confectioneries etc. There is where I bought a box of my favourite ‘Pong Peah’ which is basically a soft kind of biscuit with a sugary filling.

In Phuket we first brought to Wang Talang which offered quality local handmade souvenirs, gifts, Thai Silk, precious stones and Jewellery. This is where I bought a few massage oils, some souvenirs and my Stingray Wallet which cost me only 1100Bht. It was selling at the other deparment stores for almost double that price. They then dropped us off at Ocean Department store, where it was free & easy for approximately 3.5hours. Of all the other things I bought in Phuket like tshirts etc. I must say my favourite has got to be my Basset Hound Mug! Total spent in Phuket almost 6000Bht.

Then it was back to Singapore on 24th Oct and we docked at approximately 7pm.

Pictures Galore!……….

All My Bags Are Packed..I'm ready to go..

All my bags are packed,I’m ready to go….

Window Seat….*blinks*

Ocean View from the Window..

Yes Charlotte you can come too….

Bed of the stars….

Can you see the Gemini parked beside us?..

Here it is….

Hey sit up straight! Don’t slouch!

More desert cake please…..

Can’t you wait till I’m finished?

Ooh can’t wait for my Pina Colada!

Can I…can I please have a shot of whiskey?

Kiddie Pool

Gym view

Can you spot me in the mirror?

Gym view 3

Adults Pool & Jacuzzi



Can you see wispy billowing smoke?


Topside..just another angle

Satellite Ball?

How many of us in the pic?

Massive huh?

Superstar Virgo ! View from the transfer boat to Penang

Outside Queensbay Mall with Friends..

Pooped from all that shopping…

Docked at Phuket Port

Phuket View from the ship…1

 Phuket View from the ship…2

More views…

Outside Wang Talang


This is how you lead an elephant to water… little trunk..


Now this is what we call a White Elephant!

Can we keep this one pawr?

Look! A magic vase!

Erm Dinosaur Bone?

Giddy Up let’s go!

Patong Beach

Modern Day Tuktuk

I’m much bigger than I look!

heh heh..yah right!

Sawadee! Welcome to Thailand!

You know they have dolphin fountains in Spore too dad!

Lunch along Patong beach…

Tom Yum!

Check out the shape of the rice served..


To wash down the yummylicious meal

Great fun at the beach!

Hello housekeeping..we’re back from Phuket..are you done cleaning room 6532?

Stairway to….

Singing horses on board?

Me and me lady…


Me and my Roman Soldier!

Swimming does build an appetite..

Look what’s in my hand…

Mini Kickboxer!

Kickboxer 2

Oops lost my balance…

Sambuca with 3 coffee beans…really nice to bite down after drinking!

Cheers mates!

This is the mug I was talking about…


Waggly Tail

My new all time favourite mug!


6 Responses

  1. I want the mug~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *steals from jul*

    brings back memories from my past cruises. I actually been on board the Virgo twice -_-” but it was fun … more than 2 yrs ago.. before i started my blog..hehehe..

  2. i miss the cool breeze and looking out into the dark ocean on the upper deck.. aww..

  3. Glad I decided to buy it, I was contemplating for quite a while. In fact I initially wanted to get two others as well, an Alsation and a Jack Russell.

    Well I’ve actually lost count how many times I’ve been on the Virgo and Leo. Gemini only once. Funny how before my first time I never wanted to go on a cruise because I was afraid of getting seasick…..but now that is history ha ha 😆

  4. It must have been a holiday well-deserved. 🙂

  5. Wee Madame that it was….hope you’re feeling better.

    Take good care of yourself you hear… *bear hugs*

  6. Been to Phuket City a couple of times now, first time was in June 2004, then back at New Year 2009. What a awesome holiday spot! It provides for everyone: if your searching for neighborly locals there is masses of them, if you want well-thought-of thai food there is plenty and night life is outstanding. If you want a cheap holiday, you can have it – if you want a pricey holiday, you can have it as well. My mom is totally in love with the place and has just bought into a bar over there. My kids love it as well. What a fantastic place to celebrate New Year!

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