Still One Of The Best Graphic Viewers!

I have been using alot of different Photo editing software for many years. From the likes of Photoshop, Paintshop, PhotoImpact, Picasa and many more.  But no matter which of the more advanced ones I have installed on my PC, I will always have a copy of Irfanview!

It is simply one of the best freeware available for non-commercial use.  It is a very fast ( fastest in my opinion), small ( usually less than 3mb no matter which version), compact and has a whole suite of features! Including creating slideshows with your pics or placing text over your pics.

I have been using Irfanview for almost ten years now and todate it is not only still free, the Author Irfan Siljan has even continued to improve on his previous versions. 

Thanks Irfan!

4 Responses

  1. hey..

    *hi5*~~~!! i have been using this for yrs too~! 🙂

  2. *hi five*

  3. good stuff..

    but how does this match up to Photoshop? (in terms of end result, usability and functionality)

    care to elaborate with an example mate?

  4. Hmmm never said it was a match up what? But you could say it’s like David & Goliath.

    It beats Photoshop hands down in terms of load speed etc. The compression is good, basic editing is great, there is something about the sharpening tool which seems to do a better job than Photoshop. However if you like to play with lighting levels and in depth colour management then look to Goliath.

    Speed, simplicity and ease of use is what makes this a great software. Best part of all it does nothing to the Windows Registry! 😉

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