Standing In Quicksand

Picture this……someone standing in quicksand surrounded by three different groups of people but only one person acts at any given time. The first person instead of helping actually begins throwing more dirt in that ‘someone’s’ direction hence causing him/her to sink further. The second person is indifferent and looks on as the person slowly sinks deeper. The third person is desperately trying to reach out to that someone who instead of extending his/her hand to be saved, remains completely still.

The person standing in quicksand is my perception of one going through depression. Without a strong support group be it family, friends, religion etc the condition could terribly worsen. Then there is the danger that it could be a case of clinical depression, which would require special attention and often medical attention. Many suffering from depression may resort to some form of personal abuse either as a form of escape, gratification or even as a form of punishment for which they believe is well deserved. They may resort to smoking, alcoholism, cutting, binging, drugs, sleep deprivation amongst other things. A lot of patience, love, understanding and effort would be required to help them recover from it. As I mentioned earlier, the third group had a hard time reaching out to the one standing in quicksand simply because he/she must want to be helped and this often takes a lot more time and patience.

The first group as mentioned above may not necessarily have had ill intentions. It may just be a case of a lack of understanding as they may have no frame of reference. They may view depression as act of foolishness, weakness or even childishness. Hence some of them react by reprimanding, shouting or some other form of ‘punishment’. They may not only be annoyed with the sufferer but ultimately with themselves for not being able to help.

The second group may not necessarily be indifferent but may come across as such. Some believe that the sufferers may just need time to figure things out by themselves whilst others may have no clue as to the extent of the problem or even view it as such. Then there are some who may want to help but have no idea how and decide that perhaps it would only make matters worse if they tried.

I believe the road to recovery begins with the person suffering from depression to recognize the possibility that something is wrong and thereafter to seek help or allow themselves to be helped.

On the Threshold of Eternity. In 1890, Vincent van Gogh

*The above write up is my own personal views or beliefs on the subject matter*