Book Review – Wish You Well By David Baldacci


Plot Summary : “This story is all about Louisa May Cardinal, a precocious twelve-year-old girl living in the hectic New York City of 1940 with her acclaimed but sadly underpaid writer father, her loving mother, and younger brother Oz. For Lou, her family’s financial struggles are invisible to her. She is a daughter who idolizes her father and is in love with the art of storytelling.

Then, in a single, terrifying moment, Lou’s life is changed forever, and she and Oz are on a train rolling away from New York and down into the mountains of Virginia. There, Lou’s mother will begin a long, slow struggle between life and death. Lou and Oz will be raised by their remarkable great grandmother, Louisa, Lou’s namesake.”


I chanced upon this Author while searching for a book in the ‘Thriller’ section. When I learned he had written two books, both of which were later adapted into movies I enjoyed, I knew I just had to give one of his books a read. The two movies by the way are ‘Absolute Power’ and ‘Last Man Standing’. Now here is the hilarious bit, this particular book I chose unknowingly was his first one away from his usual big time legal thrillers. Wish You Well, set in Baldacci’s native Virginia, is a tale of hope and wonder and even “a miracle” just about bursting to happen. The author’s sense of pacing and delightful prose makes this book an excellent read.

Take note that this is not a legal thriller although there is an interesting court case towards the end, but rather one family’s triumph over adversity. An apt analogy by Amy Coffin reads “The Waltons meets Ben Matlock.”

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