Doggone IT!


Why is it that so many have decided to abandon their blogs? Writer’s block? Bloglephantitis? ha ha…. Or have some decided that their personal blogs are no longer personal, since they had begun to accumulate a steady readership. Well then why start one which is not set to ‘Private’ to begin with, if that’s the case?

Personally I blog as a hobby, it keeps my mind occupied and it allows me to pen my thoughts and experiences in this little blog of memories. Then there are times I would post about something interesting I had read or seen or simply just some wonderful works which I want to remember.

Family and friends, well at least those who know my blog address can look in to check if I’m still alive from time to time. *grins* And YES it is rewarding to have my fair share of people who regularly drop by to look in and see if there is anything of interest to them. Some even take the time share their thoughts or they may just drop a line to say Hi.

Anyhoo! I will continue to blog as much as I can, when I can but I do too suffer from writer’s block every now and then. Besides I only post stuff that matters or is of interest to me and nothing ever posted here will be just to fill the pages!

Cheerio! And Salute!